Descarga de Opera 10 beta 2

Pasando desapercibido, la versión Opera 10 beta 2 (nombre en clave Peregrino) ha sido liberada recientemente por Opera Software. Esta nueva actualización es bastante interesante ya que viene con toneladas de nuevas actualizaciones y algunas nuevas características, aunque los desarrolladores siguen trabajando a fondo para pulir esta beta y lanzar cuanto antes la versión estable Opera 10.

Una de las nuevas características emocionantes que trae Opera 10, es la que permite la ejecución de cualquier servidor web en el propio ordenador del usuario con una mínima configuración. La interfaz de usuario también ha cambiado un poco, con nuevos iconos de advertencia, o el soporte a Widgets.

Aquí dejo el enlace de descarga del navegador Opera 10.0 Beta 2, y para los curiosos interesados en todas las mejoras y cambios que trae, copio la lista completa que proporciona Opera Software:

User Interface

  • Opera Turbo warning icon
  • Warning and advice about why dictionaries.xml file sometimes is missing from Auto update
  • A «Synchronize Opera» button in the Speed Dial page
  • Tab icons (inverted) for panels viewed as tabs
  • An Open Folder menu item to the file browse control
  • Multiple-server support for Auto Update
  • A left-click context menu to the Opera Turbo button
  • New icons for DOM Console, Who is, Send File, Spell Check, Authormode, and Usermode
  • A context menu option to reload images in high quality
  • Widget version support
  • Password Manager with context-menu support
  • Updated opera:x, error and fraud page interfaces
  • Preinstalled dictionaries now have full name in the «Choose default language» page in the wizard
  • Allowed Speed Dial to have a custom favicon
  • Now possible to set a new spell UI session without a pop-up menu
  • Adjusted the progress spinner on thumbnails not to overlap other tabs when tabs are small
  • Updated the ID for the Widget logo icon used in installation wizard
  • Implemented a progressive disclosure control on «Report a site problem» dialog box
  • All submenus are now given icons from the skin
  • Shadows on active tabs are now less harsh
  • Implemented new Dialog Toggle icons and revised the Mail icons
  • Swapped the Send and Do Not Send send buttons in error-report dialog box
  • Adjusted the position of the menu button menu
  • Updated dialog images
  • Allowed for addition of extra line padding in the Widgets panel
  • Windowless Silverlight no longer disappears when using context menu
  • Pressing Enter to select an item in a dropdown box no longer submits a form
  • Enabled tab thumbnails check box by default in Customize dialog box; if selected forces «wrapping off»
  • Updated Check, Send and Check/Send icons
  • Updated Search icon
  • Notification now shown when Opera Turbo servers are busy
  • Improvements to hover state on tabs (better contrast) and tabs on the side
  • Panels viewed as Tabs now have their own favicon and thumbnail image
  • Removed text shadow on buttons and its influence on Web buttons
  • Images appended after page load will now display until «screen refresh»
  • Updated appearance of standard-skin dialog boxes
  • Applied a small tweak to the background of the standard-skin close buttons
  • Several tweaks made to the Windows native skin
  • Windows Media Player plug-in is now recognized on Win 9x operating systems
  • Initated work on Windows native skin: panels, thumbnail tabs, and normal tabs
  • Images to be used as desktop background are only saved in the user’s profile pictures folder
  • If the menu bar is hidden, the button menu now shows on alt UP instead of alt DOWN to be consistant with other applications using this
  • Opera now automatically adds itself to exceptions in Windows firewall
  • «Transfers» to «Downloads»
  • «Wand» to «Password Manager» (Tools > Advanced > Password Manager)
  • Text overlaps in enhanced tabs
  • Aborting the printing of a Web page
  • Windows Media Player not painting when going back/forward and occasionally on first load
  • Login dialogs corrupting on startup
  • MultiEdit fields being spellchecked if the spell checker is turned on without focus
  • Files with spaces not opening after download
  • Editing file/folder chooser boxes by hand
  • Automatic Opera Turbo mode not being reflected in the status field
  • Aqua skin Progress Bar display
  • Translated strings in Romanian not fitting the error-report and Appearance dialog boxes
  • Some UI buttons enlarging on focus
  • Tiled background in Speed Dial not being remembered
  • Panel header text becoming unbolded when customized
  • Internet-to-Intranet override polishing
  • Background image change not repainting a new area
  • Setting Opera Turbo through the Details dialog box
  • Activate Next Tab not working when tabs are launched in the background via control-shift-click
  • Leaks in the error-logging dialog box
  • Closing tabs while a tooltip is rendering
  • Issue with Trash can being dragged to the widgets area in Widgets panel
  • Background color of alternate rows disappearing in a list
  • Opera continuously opening tabs if choosing «Opera Internet Browser» and «Remember choice» in the BitTorrent Client Selection dialog
    • BT download dialog box now inherits most of the functionality from the download dialog, including the Save functionality
  • Progress Bar not always disappearing after a page has finished loading
  • Creating a search when right clicking on a search text field
  • Yahoo! mediaplayer in
  • Spatial navigation on the Yahoo! frontpage
  • Spell checker occasionally stopped working when immediately pressing Del and Space
  • Saving a picture that has not been fully downloaded
  • Uninstalling a dictionary
  • Spell checker occasionally stops working after correcting a word
  • Spacing between Search and the Address fields
  • Incorrect escaping/unescaping of characters in WebserverRequest.uri
  • Session not being saved when closing Opera
  • Creation of Speed Dial duplicates when merging
  • «Go» button not taking new search field into account
  • Downloading a new .torrent file with Opera Turbo enabled
  • The Wikipedia Cortado Java Theora player working in Opera 10
  • Posting loading/posting of links on a wall at Facebook
  • An issue with TinyMCE and Opera Dragonfly
  • Keyboard focus not showing in the Opera user interface
  • SVG background images disappearing on hover
  • Inability use a folder nickname as home page
  • Error dialog during Auto update when selecting the current limited user in the Run As dialog box using a limited account on WinXP
  • Dark background image in the Windows native: text in the Speed Dial search field
  • Windows native skin drop-down listbox missing its down arrows
  • Switching to English when auto updating
  • Problem with the page while closing Opera
  • ShellExecuteEx error dialog when cancelling the UAC/User Access Control dialog
  • A menu coming up only if Alt was pressed, and not Alt + something or Alt Gr
  • System-wide settings not being read
  • /settings command-line flag not being functional
  • Display of enhanced tab thumbnails when page uses bitmap fonts
  • Wrong name being listed for Azureus in the BitTorrent Client Selection dialog box
  • Hiding the menu button menu with Alt when opened with a mouse click

Mail, News, Chat

  • A dialog to warn about the mail database consistency check
  • An account preference to determine if the content transfer restriction is set to 8 bit or 7 bit
  • Several icons to the Compose menu
  • New icons for setting status in a chat window
  • Lightened the color of the Page Bar: icons now working on all toolbars, panel color enhanced for better differentiation
  • Changed several icons in the Tools menu to colored versions that already exist
  • Mail-header buttons no longer overlap the bottom of the toolbar
  • Improvements made to HTML e-mail composition
  • Clicking on a new message notification now trying:
    1. to find a window where the message is visible
    2. to open unread if it is visible there
    3. to open the account view if it is not visible there
  • Double-clicking a note to insert into mail when replying
  • Replying to a message and the cursor is invisible
  • 8 bit not being the default content-transfer encoding
  • Changing a mail account breaks the automatic encoding selector
  • Opera Mail welcome message encoding and other strings
  • Reopening a HTML draft with «prefer plain text» and HTML source shows in compose window
  • Pasting a message and the paste buffer is cleared
  • An old draft being shown on reopening
  • HTML keyboard shortcuts working in plain text mode
  • Mail client selection dialog not being displayed on first mailto click after an upgrade
  • Chat connection status for multiple accounts
  • Adding a large attachment to a message prevents e-mail composition
  • Plain text e-mail composing
  • Setting «Open with other application» to «Opera» for mailto
  • Printing mail which resulted in an empty page
  • Doing «Synchronization» on POP3 mail check
  • Importing mail stops when files are open
  • Disabling spell checker in multiline edit boxes causing a shut down
  • Title in IRC channels equalling the title shown in the app window title bar
  • Ability to paste into inline find in mail view
  • Decoding error when writing an HTML mail with a non-ASCII character
  • Text not fitting in several dialog boxes when switching to the Romanian language
  • Signature not changing when changing an account
  • Links opened from mail and newsfeeds not loading when focusing on another mail/feed entry

Display and scripting

  • An Open Folder menu item to the file browse control
  • Web fonts loaded in memory and the font name retrieved
  • FormatBlock now correctly affects ancestors of the contentEditable element
  • browser.js can now be disabled when doing auto update
  • DOMContentLoaded now fires when traversing history
  • Support for getting localized strings from JavaScript
  • Max values now set for the automatic memory cache
  • Onload script not executing in frameset where one frame’s src is set to «#»
  • Hardcoded strings in XML files
  • Scope when defining getter for the HTMLElement document prototype
  • Regex [^x]* failing to match certain characters
  • Recursive regular expression causing stack exhaustion


  • A link on the error page for cross-network communication


  • Full set of padlock icons for security dialog box
  • Improvements made to prevent spoofing of services
  • Recognizing EV certificates issued directly from the Root
  • Importing certificates


  • A placeholder in Opera Turbo for plug-ins that are not loaded yet
  • Functionality for switching Opera Turbo mode off for separate image elements
  • Now possible to add Opera Turbo configuration files per language
  • Improved anti-spoof checking
  • Loading an automatically saved session
  • Various dialogs with third-party mouse plug-ins installed
  • High memory use related to the disk cache on huge torrents

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