Descarga de GIMP 2.4.6

GIMP es un programa GNU de manipulación de imagen y es distribuido gratuitamente. Una gran herramienta para retoque fotográfico y composición de imagen.

GIMP 2.4.6


– fixed handling of the «antialias» tool option (bug #521069)
– when loading a TIFF image, always set a filename on it (bug #521436)
– fixed initial state of curve type in Curves tool (bug #523873)
– fixed potential crash in the Dicom load plug-in
– respect the brush mask in the Heal tool (bug #521433)
– plugged some minor memory leaks
– fixed a glitch in the DND code (bug #317992)
– gimp-image-convert() must not accept palettes with > 256 colors (bug #525471)
– fixed parameter description in the Map Object plug-in (bug #526679)
– fixed compilation of unit tests on
Mac OS X (bug #528160)
– fixed handling of «argc-lower-val-y» PDB parameter in Curve Bend plug-in
– fixed overlap problem in Hue-Saturation tool (bug #527085)
– fixed asymmetry in Unsharp Mask plug-in (bug #530077)
– don’t show non-existant color profiles in the selector (bug #528958)
– fixed issues with default aspect ratio in the Crop tool (bug #532057)
– fixed compilation of the PDF import plug-in with libpoppler 0.8
– fixed bug in clipboard brush code (bug #532886)
– corrected layer mask flag in PSD save plug-in (bug #526811)
– fixed an issue with tablets and newer X.Org releases
– keep the JPEG save plug-in from writing an empty EXIF tag (bug #529469)
– fixed crash in Selective Gaussion Blur plug-in (bug #529280)
– added new translations (Belarusian, Catalan, Norwegian Nynorsk)
– translation fixes and updates (ar, ca, de, el, es, fi, fr, hu, it, ko, pl, pt_BR, ro, sv)

Descarga de GIMP 2.4.6.

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