How Can You Pass Microsoft MCSA 70-417 Exam?

If you are a person who is even remotely interested in IT and computers in general, then you must know a thing or two about Microsoft. The company is one of the biggest names that you can find in the tech community and there are many reasons for this. Aside from producing the best software and hardware products, Microsoft does a lot more. The company provides many certifications to interested candidates, one of which is the MCSAcredential. If you wish to earn this credential, then you will have to pass the Microsoft 70-417 exam.

There are many benefits of getting a hold of this kind of certification because it can help you in many stages of life. If you are already an IT professional, then you will find this Microsoft certificate particularly helpful. Employers are always looking for individuals who are skilled at their jobs and what better way to show that than with a certification.

Reasons to take the exam

Whenever you are thinking about taking any kind of extracurricular exam, then one question that always comes to mind is why should anyone take the test? What are its benefits? The simple answer to this question is that if you are someone who is interested in the Windows Server infrastructure, then you should take this test. If you already know a lot about the Windows Server infrastructure and want to connect your career with it, then the Microsoft 70-417 exam can be life-changing.

If you manage to pass the Microsoft 70-417 certification exam, then your skills will be certified by Microsoft itself and that will say a lot about you. Any employer will know that you are a certified specialist, and it will increase your worth and you might even earn more than your colleagues.

General information about the exam

The first thing that you need to know about the Microsoft 70-417 exam is that it is not a singletest, instead it is a collection of three different exams and is considered to be an upgrade to individuals who already hold the following certificates:

  • MCSA: Windows Server 2008
  • MCITP: Lync Server Administrator 2010
  • MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 2010
  • MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010
  • MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7
  • MCITP: Virtualization Administrator on Windows Server 2008 R2

As mentioned earlier, the Microsoft 70-417 exam comprises of three tests, namely 70-410 (Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012), 70-411 (Administering Windows Server 2012) and 70-412 (Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services). All of these tests are individually timed that means that each one has its own time limit.

You have to take the exams one after the other and there are no breaks in between. After you have turned in the last exam paper, then you will be handed your score within a few moments. You will be able to see your result immediately after the exam, which is good because you do not have to wait for days to view your result.

The Microsoft 70-417 exam revolves mainly around Windows Server 2012 installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Therefore, there will be a lot of focus on PowerShell 3.0that is why it is important that you have a lot of hands-on experience with PowerShell before you sit for the exam.

Preparation process

Preparing for the Microsoft 70-417 exam will not be easy because actually you will have to prepare for three separate test. No matter which exam you are preparing for, it is always a good idea to start your preparation ahead of time. You should at least ensure that you put in a couple of months’ worth of effort in the preparation. Do not rush with the preparation because it can be very damaging, this is because you might think that you are learning at a faster rate but in reality you will not be learning at all. There are many things that you can use in order to study for the Microsoft 70-417 exam and you will find some of the best ways below.

  • Online communities

The Internet is a great service to have at your disposal in this modern era. Every bit if information that you will need for the can be easily found there. There are many online communities and forums that have been created specifically for this purpose. There are many people who have taken the Microsoft 70-417 exam in the past and they can help you in different ways.

People who are a part of such communitiesupload the study materials that they used previously and now you can use it too. The past experiences that they share are also beneficial to your preparation for the exam. You can also askthese professionals your questions and receive very competent answers which can resolve many queries.

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy

TheMicrosoft Virtual Academy is a great place to start your exam preparation. One of the best things about MVA is that it gives you access to many videos related to the exam topics. The teacher in the videos is a Microsoft certified instructor which means that he can provide the most authentic information. Here you can also find tips pertaining to the exam which can be used to your benefit.

  • Practice tests

One thing that you should not forget during exam preparation is practice tests. There are many practice tests that you can find online which is great for a couple of reasons. Each of them has a different set of questions that allows you to prepare for as many exam variants as possible. Also, while writing practice tests you can easilydetectyour mistakes and avoid them in the actual exam. One thing to keep in mind is that you should only practice these questions, not memorize them because they will not appear on the exam.


These were some things that you should know about the Microsoft 70-417 exam. It is one of the main tests that you can take in order to become a certified Microsoft professional when it comes to the Windows Server infrastructure.

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