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How does fast charge work in iPhone

In the last two years, the fast charge technology has improved. Most of the Smartphone models are compatible with this function. However, iPhone does not charge so fast as other devices. A question has arisen. Is it safe to use a more powerful charger with our iPhone?

Security measures are extremely important when dealing with electricity and power. The developers of fast charge devices focus on safety use that’s why each device has a charger with a specific capacity. A device can charge up to its own capacity, not to the charger maximum output. For example, if you want to charge the iPhone with a Xiaomi 12 67W charger, both devices will regulate the power that charges the battery.

Accesories to fast charge your iPhone.

Devices for iPhone fast charge

The maximum power to charge an iPhone battery today from 0 to 100% is 27W. It is not a feature explained by the developers. They only indicate that you can go from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes. This applies to iPhone 8 and above.

If you want to reach these numbers, you need the USB-C Lightning connector from Apple. You also need a power USB-C adapter. These come in 18, 20, 30, 61, 87 and 96 variants. Whichever you choose, all of the 30W or above, will have the same effect.

None of the chargers will make it faster for the iPhone battery to charge. The mobile phone limits the input to 27W and the current is limited. Then, if you want to use a fast charge device for your iPhone, there is no risk. We won’t charge it up faster, but the security is not at risk. If looking for a new fast charger, do not choose the most expensive, only the one that is compatible.

How to fast charge your iPhone

In order to save time charging your phone, you can follow these tips. They are more useful than buying the faster charger in the store.

  • Turn off the phone while charging. It reduces the processor energy consumption.
  • Screen block. The screen consumes a lot of energy. Blocking it helps the charge process to fasten.
  • Activate the Low Power Mode. This setting reduces the battery consumption while retaining features. It helps you to charge faster.

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