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Get more views for your Reels in Instagram

The best tricks to get more views for your Reels shared in Instagram. Here you can learn how to make your videos more attractive and exciting for your followers.  We analyze step by step, how to make your Reels viral.

The most important element in social networks, is the number of views of your content. If you are a creative, you spend time creating your posts and Reels. To get more views for your Reels in Instagram, you need to take into account the correct strategies for your audience. Here you will find the best tips and strategies to reach viral status faster.

Obtain more views in Instagram with edited Reels.

Reels popularity in Instagram can be reached in different ways. The social network gives Reel content some predominance above Stories or regular posts.

Why do Reels in Instagram get more views?

Instagram gives a lot of relevance to Reels. That’s the main reason because creators are focusing on these type of content. Even though it is a relatively new function, Instagram highlights Reels to go viral with different creators.

After TikTok appeared, Instagram put a lot of money and time into Reels development. For this reason, the social networks awards creators who use Reels showing their videos directly. You can also take some extra steps to make your Reels go viral. The tips you find in this post, point towards getting more views for your Reels in an easy way. Step by step, we teach you to get more views in Instagram and go viral with your Reels.

How to get more views on Instagram Reels

Before creating a new Reel, you should take into account the following tips:

Choose a striking front page. It’s important to create a strong first impression.

When navigating the Reel tab in Instagram or the Feed of a user, the first thing we see is the front page. If you create an artistic and personal front page, the user will remember that first image that links to your account.

Add text to your Reels

When you add text to your Reels in Instagram, you can get more views by highlighting important aspects of the speech. The user retains more information when accompanied by text. It also helps to make the message easier to understand, as you can read and hear simultaneously.

You can edit the text for certain words or for every part of the speech. You can even select appearing and disappearing effects for the text in Reels. The tool can set up words that only appear when you play the video.

Add music to your Reels in Instagram for more views

You can go viral with your Reels by using music. If you select the most popular songs of the moment, it’s common that new users will find your Reel. You have to select a song that goes with the message of your Reel. Instagram is a great tool to discover the most trendy music and add it to your posts.

Use filters in your Reels

As well as your photos, you can tune up your Reels with filters. To get more views in your Instagram Reels you should select the most popular filters and apply them. If you like a filter but it does not get interactions, you should try others.

Use hashtags for your Reels

The use of hashtags in your Reels, can improve notably the number of views. If you hashtag a popular term or person, more users will see you Reel.

Use Instagram Reels for your business or company promotion

A good way to get more views in your profile is to be in the Explore tab of Instagram. If you create Reels to promote your products, you will have more visibility. Think about the image and important features of your brand and products before creating your Reels.

Use hooks to make the users curious

The first 4 or 5 seconds of your Reel needs a hook. The objective is to make your Reels attractive and to keep the user watching. Instagram will get you more views for your Reels if people watch them until the end.

Spend time in Reels

You can analyze the Reels of other accounts and extract ideas to get more views. You can watch the best filters, the content they create and how to edit your texts and speech to go viral.

Take trends into account

Social networks are always changing. If you want to go viral with your content, you need to understand what is popular now. Use the trends in your favor and keep updated. You can compare your profile with other popular ones.

 Focus on your target audience

A good trick to retain followers is to focus on a topic or type of content. You need to create your Reels for Instagram with the target audience in mind to get more views. Try to be original and honest, because a lot of users are trying to attract the same audience as you. You need to be unique and have your own features to distinguish from others.

Get more views for your Reels in Instagram by publishing on the correct hour

The publication schedule is relevant for Instagram. You need to publish when your target audience is using the social network, so they can interact with your Reels.

Publish regularly

To make your account popular, you need to show dedication. Try publishing 3 or 4 reels a week and make it a routine.

Share your Reels in Instagram and outside of it

Sharing your Reels in all the social networks besides Instagram, helps you go viral faster.

Do not repeat content in your Reels

Instagram awards the original content. If you use the same content in your Reels, the algorithm will penalize you.

How to get more views in your Reels in Instagram

What to avoid when creating Reels

  • Do not publish content with low quality images.
  • Do not recycle content. Instagram does not like you using videos from other social networks.
  • Make Reels where image is more important than text.
  • Do not publish Reels with watermarks or logos.
  • Do not use frameworks for your Reels.
  • Step by step, share your Reels in Stories

If you want to get more views for your Reels in Instagram, you can share them in your Stories screen. By doing this, you will go viral faster. There is people that does not visit the Reels section, but watches directly from Stories.

The stories stay online for 24 hours, giving you enough time to reach new Instagram users automatically. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Reels section in your Instagram profile.
  •  Select the Reel you want to share.
  • Inside the Reel, press the arrow button.
  • Select the option “Add your Reel to Stories”.
  • You can add effects to your Reels from the upper menu.
  • Press My Story and publish the Reel.

How to hide Reels in your Story

It is not a contradiction. If you hide a Reel in your Story, you don’t show the content, but make the users more interested in watching it.

  • Open the Reel tab and select the video you want to share in Stories.
  • Press the arrow button on the right of the screen.
  • Select the “Add your Reel to Stories”
  • Slide the Reel to one of the laterals of the screen to show just a tip of it.
  • You can also add and emoticon from the Face icon to tease your viewers.
  • Write New reel for the users to know what the story is about.
  • You can introduce a GIF too.
  • Publish the story.

Follow these tips to get more views in your Instagram Reels. Make your content go viral by adding effects and filters to your creative ideas.

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