iOS 17 sideloading rumores increase

Sideloading and why is it so important in iOS 17

One of the new features rumored to be included in iOS 17 is sideloading. Since December 2022 the rumor spread and it implies a major change. The new feature introduction is forced by a series of laws from the European Union. For example, the Digital Markets Act. It requires Apple to include an alternative for the current Apple Store hegemony, as it’s the only store to download apps from.

The main objective of sideloading in iOS 17 is to generate extra revenue for developers as well as empowering creativity. However, there are also risks and security compromises. The system becomes more open and vulnerable to malicious software, hackers and other threats.

How may the iOS 17 sideloading look like

What is sideloading in iOS 17?

Sideloading enables iOS to install apps from external sources other than an authorized app store like App Store from Apple. The new sidealoading feature will allow third-party stores to use installers for iPhone and iPad. The new applications will be downloaded from a computer and installed as standalone software or through a gateway.

Ending the App Store monopoly in iOS to allow free competition will change the way iOS works. In terms of corporation and financial practices It’s a new scenery. For the moment, the change is exclusively reserved to the European market. The global expansion of iOS 17 sideloading it’s not an issue right now. Apple’s executives have always been reluctant with sideloading. The idea of installing apps from any store is more suitable to Android users. The iOS monopolization time is turning.

Although, the new legislative actions taken by European countries point towards opening the system and the market for new developers. For now, the sideloading feature will only be necessary for iOS 17 in the European market. But depending on how the users react, it may reach other continents in the future.

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