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Tinder adds the ‘Meet the Parents’ (Matchmaker) function to its online dating app

  • Tinder introduces the “Meet the Parents” (matchmaker) feature that allows users to receive feedback from friends and family on potential matches.
  • The feature allows you to share profiles with up to 15 people for 24 hours, providing honest feedback and avoiding awkward dating situations.

Are you tired of swiping left and right on Tinder without finding your ideal match? Would you like to get feedback from your friends and family before committing to a date? If so, Tinder, the popular dating app, is incorporating its latest feature, “Meet the Parents” (matchmaker).

“Meet the Parents” (matchmaker) is a feature with which you can share your matches with your friends and family and get their opinions and suggestions. This tool designed to help you find a more compatible partner and avoid wasting time on bad dates.

How does the “Meet the Parents” (matchmaker) feature work?

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It is simple. You can invite up to 15 people to view your matches during a 24-hour period.

These people can view profiles without needing a Tinder account, meaning even friends who haven’t joined the app yet can be your “matchmaker.”

They can review matches and recommend those they think are ideal for you. However, they cannot send messages on your behalf.

After the “Matchmaking” session, you will be able to review the profiles that your friends and family have suggested. You’ll have the final say on whether you want to swipe right or left.

Advantages and disadvantages

But before you dive into the world of Meet the Parents (matchmaker), there are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Get honest opinions from people who know you well and care about your happiness. Their opinions can help you make better decisions in your partner choices.
  • Get your matchmakers’ opinion on your matches before you meet them in person. Avoid uncomfortable or unpleasant situations from the beginning.
  • Meet new profiles that you might have overlooked or discarded. Your friends and family can offer a fresh and different perspective.


  • You may feel pressured or conflicted by your matchmakers’ opinions, especially if they don’t agree with each other or with you.
  • There’s a chance you’ll overlook some potential matches that your matchmakers don’t approve of or know about.

How to use the “Meet the Parents” feature (matchmaker) on Tinder

To start using this feature, simply open the Tinder app and select the “Matchmaker” icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Then, choose up to 15 friends, family members, or guardians from your contacts, or enter their phone numbers or email addresses manually.

Finally, select “Send Invitations” to invite them to join your “Matchmaking” session.

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