Newest Artificial Intelligence features in antivirus

Antivirus with Artificial Intelligence, how it will protect us from viruses and hackers

Although Artificial Intelligence is present in several devices since many years ago, last year the term became extremely popular. Nowadays everyone knows what AI means thanks to the launch of ChatGPT. The term Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword to grab attention and you can find it on many websites and apps. Antivirus is one of the newest sectors that introduce Artificial Intelligence and developers are working heavily upon it.

There are other areas such as operating systems where AI can become a great productivity tool. They can improve everyday apps, like Windows Copilot and Copilot for Microsoft 365. These are clear examples of the potential of AI technology for the user. But they are not the only one, an antivirus with Artificial Intelligence can help in the malicious software issues. As cyber criminals do everything to adapt quickly and launch new threats, the AI assistant can become a powerful wall against attacks.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in antivirus

The antivirus and the Artificial intelligence uses

It was only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence reached antivirus software. It’s true that Windows Defender is more than enough for several users, but there are some who still don’t trust Microsoft’s solution. In this case, they tend to opt for third-party tools, and there are some programs that have already started to implement AI to be even more effective when predicting and discovering potential threats.

A well-trained Artificial Intelligence antivirus can improve the background analysis processes that run on powerful devices. It can reduce the resource consumption as well as fasten the in the cloud analysis. Another advantage is that AI has access to a greater amount of local data without needing constant communication with the computer. The antivirus software consumes a large amount of resources by continuously analyzing the device, but the AI inclusion will reduce this issue.

Besides, the users will be protected against all types of threats, including the most dangerous ones like zero-day threats. Daily updates will be even more efficient with an AI tool to predict new problems and menaces.

Phishing and other common dangers can become a thing of the past thanks to AI proactively detecting suspicious URLs when clicking on them or even before. You will be able to hover the mouse over a link to prevent unsuspecting users from falling victim to scams and other threats.

Most of the antivirus companies nowadays are already working on the implementation of AI in their malicious software detecting apps. It’s very likely that the technology will be ready in the leading antivirus sector before the end of 2023.

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