Is changing the name of the WiFi useful?

You can modify several settings on your router, and this also includes some aspects of the WiFi configuration. One of these is changing the name of the WiFi network. It’s a straightforward process and can be done on any router model. However, does it really serve a purpose? Is it useful to change it? Here you will find some positive aspects for which it could be practical to do so, but also the reasons to avoid it.

Usually, what users change frequently is the WiFi password. This is understandable as it is the main barrier to keep intruders away from your network. However, there’s also the option of changing the WiFi name. By default, the network name corresponds to the router we install or the Internet service provider we use.

Benefits of changing WiFi name

Why should you consider changing the WiFi name?

To begin we can talk about the circumstances in which it might be useful changing the WiFi network name. The process is easy and can be done at any time. You must only access the router’s settings and change the factory default name.

Better identification

One reason to change your WiFi name is simply to identify it better. Maybe you live in an apartment building with many different networks and you have a generic name. For example, the router is identified with the name of your Internet service provider. Sometimes it’s not that easy to identify your network if other users have a similar service. By changing the WiFi name you can avoid any issue. It will also be easier for you to find your WiFi among other available networks.

Privacy from inexperienced users

You can enhance privacy by changing the network name. Maybe you don’t want your neighbors to identify which Internet company you have or the router model you’re using. This can only be useful for inexperienced users who perform basic searches. If it’s someone knowledgeable, they can still detect the router model and you won’t gain much from changing the WiFi name.

What changing the network name doesn’t do

It’s also important to notice that the change of the network name doesn’t improve security or speed. The device won’t work better only because the name is different. Some users mistakenly change the WiFi name thinking that it can enhance the Internet connection.

Security improve

Changing the WiFi name won’t improve security. There are methods for experienced users to identify your router model even if you hide the name. Your privacy and security won’t be enhanced by selecting a different network name. Therefore, there won’t be a reduced chance that an attacker could steal your WiFi password or launch an attack to compromise your network. It’s more of a visible thing that will be seen during searches but won’t influence protection aspects.

Increase speed or coverage

Another mistake is thinking that you can increase the speed or coverage of your router by changing the network name. The wireless network will work the same regardless of any name change. It’s not something with an impact beyond discouraging neighbors who know that network is your and want to try common passwords combinations.

In order to enhance speed or coverage you should consider updating the router or installing repeaters and place them correctly around the house. That way you can have a more stable connection and avoid any problems.

To sum up, by modifying the WiFi name you won’t contribute much to a better Internet experience. Apart from helping you identify the network better or preventing your neighbors from knowing it’s ours, you won’t get any improvement in security or speed. You should always check the router to avoid hacks if you are concerned about security.

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