How to make Google your default search engine in Chrome

How to search with Google from the Chrome browser

The web browser is one of the most important apps you install in your computer nowadays. It allows you to explore the Internet, search for information and enjoy multimedia files in a simple way. Between the most popular web browsers you can find Chrome, and the search engine Google is the official tool to navigate through the web.

Users all around the world indicate that Chrome is one of the most downloaded browsers even though there are several complaints about it. The most extended critic is that of high resources consumption, making your computer slow in every day actions. You can use other alternatives such as Opera, Firefox or Edge, but Chrome is still the most popular browser. In any of the browsers you can make your searches using different engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo or similar.

Search engine results from Google

Change the search engine in Chrome to choose Google as the default one

If you want Google search engine to be the default selection in your Chrome session the setting is very easy to do. In case you are installing Chrome as your first browser solution, it’s very common to have Google as the default search engine. If you already had another engine, there’s a possibility that the original setting migrated to your new browser. To select Google as your default search engine again in Chrome go to the software settings.

From the main menu of Chrome, click on the left panel and select the Search category. There you can select different search engines as the default one for your Chrome session. The right panel will show you different options available and you can select the one you prefer the most. Once you confirm the selection, all your inquiries and searches will be made through the Google search. It’s faster and incorporates lots of results from all around the world.

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