PlayStation 5 and PS3 games to enjoy retro compatibility

PlayStation 5 may run PS3 games soon

According to the latest rumors, Sony will bring retro compatibility for PS3 games in PlayStation 5 soon. Right now, PS5 can run some PlayStation 3 titles using a Premium PlayStation Plus subscription. All the titles are run through streaming methods on the cloud. The rumors indicate that the retro compatibility will run with PS3 discs on the PS5. It’s a free and more interesting alternative, to run your favorite games.

The rumors indicate that there will be selected titles for retro compatibility. It won’t be automatic for any of the PS3 games on your PlayStation 5. Sony will select randomly which games have retro compatibility and which don’t.

Retro compatibility of PS3 games in PlayStation 5

Improved versions or just retro compatibility

The big question is the range of changes and PS3 games running features in a PlayStation 5. Will you have any benefit by using retro compatibility? In Xbox Series X/S consoles there are some retro compatibility titles with performance improvements or visual improvements.

If Sony will select the titles arbitrarily what users should expect is at least some improvements in the visual or performance fields. We don’t know the titles yet and there’s a big chance we are talking about exclusive Sony titles. Another rumor indicates that retro compatibility will also make the titles start selling physically again. The business aspects are still the main concern for Sony.

Retro compatibility and the Xbox experience

Playing PS3 games on a PlayStation 5 through retro compatibility is great news for Sony users. But Xbox has already won the audience with the FPS Boost feature. It’s a characteristic that promises to quadruplicate the FPS in compatible titles for the Xbox Series X/S. You will be able to move any old game from 30 FPS to 120 FPS. There are also other features like Automatic HDR expected to work on

In the Sony retro compatibility offer we expect at least some similar features. It’s also a good opportunity to make the most out of the re escalating technologies. Trough them, you can improve the game resolution and help the titles visually.  Up until know, there’s no probable date for the feature to be active. It’s time to check how Sony runs the games in PS5 as we already know how to emulate PS3 games with RPCS3.

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