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The online Pac-Man game

Pac-Man is a yellow circle with a sector missing so it appears to have a mouth. He appears in mazes where he must eat small dots, larger dots and other prizes in the form of fruits and other objects.

The character’s goal is to eat all the dots on the screen, at which point they move on to the next level or screen. However, four ghosts or monsters, Shadow (Blinky), Speedy (Pinky), Bashful (Inky), and Pokey (Clyde), run through the maze trying to eat Pac-Man. These ghosts are respectively colored red, pink, light blue and orange. Ghosts are not the same, so while Blinky is very fast, and has the ability to find you on stage, Inky is very slow and will often avoid meeting Pac-Man.

There are four larger than normal dots located near the corners of the maze, and they give Pac-Man the temporary ability to eat monsters (they all turn blue while Pac-Man has that ability).

After being swallowed, the ghosts regenerate at “home” (a box located in the center of the maze). The time that monsters remain vulnerable varies by screen, but tends to decrease as the game progresses, and after many screens the special points have no effect on ghosts, with the exception of level 6 where the effect lasts a few seconds longer than in 5.

In addition to eating the dots, Pac-Man can get bonus points by eating any of the items that appear twice per screen just below the box in the center of the maze where the monsters come out. The object changes every screen or two, and its point value increases.

The video game has exactly 256 fully playable screens. Pac-Man enthusiasts refer to the last level as the “Final Level”, the “Split-Screen Level”.


The ghosts are limited by the maze in the same way as Pac-Man, but they generally move slightly faster than the player, although they slow down when the special points in the corners are activated and slow down significantly when moving to through the tunnels on the sides of the maze (while Pac-Man passes through these tunnels unhindered).

Pac-Man slows down slightly while eating dots, potentially allowing a pursuing ghost to capture him during those moments.

Blinky, the red ghost, increases in speed after a certain number of dots are eaten (this number decreases at higher levels). The speedy Blinky is unofficially called the Cruise Elroy, though opinions differ on the origins of this term.

Tips for playing Pac-Man online

  • The most dangerous place in the maze is the bottom line, that’s why almost all the paths that I indicate below take great care to clear it as soon as possible. Other very dangerous places are the corners since the ghosts like to corner us and block our way to sink their teeth into us. On the contrary, the safest part of the maze is the central area (near the ghost house) since there we can find multiple escape routes.
  • The fat points of the maze allow us to eat the ‘coconuts’. Depending on the level at which we find ourselves, the action of the fat points will be greater or less. When we eat one of these magic points, the ghosts turn blue and the head will go in the opposite direction as before eating the point. Something very useful at higher levels.
  • At regular intervals, the ghosts will scatter and return to their respective corners, always following the same path.
    When they leave the house, the ghosts always head to their corner before going after Pac-Man.
  • Using the tunnels can save our lives on more than one occasion. We are much faster on them. If we use them at the end of the paths, much more time can be saved. It is very useful to know that if the ghosts follow you and you enter the tunnel and then eat the closest fat spot (usually the one at the bottom), the ghosts will return to the tunnel and can gobble them up without problems.
  • One thing to practice is fooling the ghosts by quickly moving the stick in the opposite direction you want to go or anticipating your movement incorrectly so you can more easily throw them off.
  • Look into the eyes of the ghosts, their eyes always indicate the direction they will take on their next turn.
    Pac-Man is always faster on a path clear of dots. Use this trick to gain speed and escape from danger.
    Ghosts can only do the paths out of their house and Pac-Man’s path down unless they are blue (because we ate a fat dot).
  • The secret refuge: there is a place in the labyrinth that can give us a break by offering us safe shelter. We must reach him when none of the ghosts are looking at us. Once we have arrived we can calm down a bit since the ghosts will not find us.


The aforementioned should be applied only when we fail to trace one of the paths explained below. In any case, if the paths are made correctly, we will not need to resort to tunnels, tricks to mislead ghosts and other tricks.

So sit back and enjoy playing Pac-Man online.

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