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Play Super Mario Bros. Online.

How to play

The character’s movement keys are the arrow keys on the keyboard and the S key is used to jump, shoot and other actions. Start the game by clicking on the Super Mario Bros. box.

The game

The goal is to traverse the Mushroom Kingdom to defeat King Koopa’s forces and save Princess Peach. If they receive an enemy contact, a life is lost, therefore, the Mario brothers have a first attack that consists simply of jumping on the enemy, with the mushrooms known as Goombas being the first to appear; It is also possible to jump on the Koopa Troopas, and by jumping on them a second time it is possible to launch their shell.

By kicking this shell, you can also defeat enemies in front of you, with the drawback that if there is an obstacle, the shell returns and can hurt Mario or Luigi. If Mario or Luigi picks up a mushroom, they increase in size, and can be hit up to twice before losing a life (this transformation is known as Super Mario/Luigi); and picking up a flower (Fire Mario/Luigi), they gain the ability to launch fireballs with a maximum of two at a time—pressing “B” on the controller once. Some enemies cannot be defeated by jumping on them; these can only be eliminated with a shell or fireballs, or by being touched by Star Mario/Luigi.

Mario or Luigi can be injured by touching the enemy. If the enemy touches Super Mario/Luigi or Fire Mario/Luigi, the character returns to its original form, but if it was already in its original form, a life is lost. The point from where Mario starts after losing a life depends on how far he has advanced in the course. In each level (except world 8 and castles) there is a checkpoint. If the character loses his life before that point, he starts over from the beginning of the level, but if he loses it past the point, he starts from the checkpoint. Mario or Luigi can also take a star and become invulnerable for a limited time.

Star Mario/Luigi (as the transformation is known) can walk over various obstacles without problems, and upon contact with the enemy, the latter is defeated. But this does not happen if you fall into a cliff, into lava or if time runs out, since in those cases a life would be lost.


The game consists of 8 worlds with 4 levels each — showing as level 1-1, 1-2… 1-4, 2-1 and so on. Each level is different, just like its soundtrack. There are four different styles of worlds: the main one is the Mushroom Kingdom, full of brick blocks or giant mushrooms, and can be either day or night; underground levels, which are accessed through pipes; water levels, which must be crossed by swimming; and castles, which are all fourth levels.

At the end of levels 1, 2 or 3 of each world there is a flagpole where Mario or Luigi must raise a flag in order to access the next level. They have a deadline to do it. The objective is to reach the fourth level of each world, that is, the castle. At the end of each castle, Mario or Luigi must face King Koopa. If one of them fires five bullets at him, it turns out that it was really just a disguise, and the real one is elsewhere. As of world 6, King Koopa throws hammers and in turn fire.

There is another way to defeat him: at the end of the bridge where King Koopa is, there is an axe, which when touched cuts the ropes of the bridge, making King Koopa fall into the lava. After this, Mario or Luigi approaches a kingdom guard who says “Thank you Mario [or Luigi]! But our princess is in another castle!” (Thanks Mario [or Luigi]! But our princess is in another castle.) Completing the fourth level leads to the next world.

Items and scoring

During the game, different items appear that one can take to advance in an easier way, or simply to increase the score.

  • The blocks —in the superficial levels they are red or silver while in the underground they are blue—, which may or may not have other hidden items inside them;
  • The interrogation block, which is the first to be observed. The content of this can vary, as it can contain coins, a red mushroom, a flower or a star;
  • The Red Mushroom, which turns Mario/Luigi into Super Mario/Luigi;
  • The flower, which turns Mario/Luigi into Fire Mario/Luigi with the ability to throw fireballs. This only appears after Mario/Luigi has obtained a mushroom, that is, it cannot appear during Mario/Luigi’s initial stage;
  • The green mushroom, which grants an extra life. In most cases they are hidden, so they are not obtained in question blocks;
  • The star, which makes Mario/Luigi invulnerable for a few seconds (Star Mario/Luigi);
  • The growing plant (beanstalk), which is hidden in blocks and allows Mario to climb it into the sky and collect a large number of coins.
  • The coins, which help to increase the overall score. After collecting 100 of them, you get an extra life.

As a platform game, Super Mario features a scoring system, based on three fundamental means:

  • Each level has a time limit – which is reduced as you progress to the final levels – that influences the score. The less time it takes to finish a level, the higher the score;
  • Getting coins that appear in all levels, some in plain sight, others inside blocks or when entering certain Warp Pipes (transport pipes) and even hidden; Y
  • Defeating the enemies that appear during each level. Jumping on several enemies consecutively makes a combo, thus doubling the points obtained normally and also an extra life.

Warp Pipes y Warp Zones

In most levels there are a series of pipes that can fulfill various functions. From some piranha plants can periodically come out, in others Mario and Luigi can enter and find aquatic or underground sections where they can collect coins and other items. They are also useful in the sense that when exiting through another pipe, they do so in a more advanced section of the original level, that is, they work as shortcuts, thus shortening the distance that must be covered. These pipes are known as “Warp Pipes”.

Another type of special Warp Pipes that players can use are known as “Warp Zones” and are used to jump from one world to another. There are three of them: one is in level 1-2 and is reached by walking over the ceiling blocks near the end of the level. This area allows the character to jump to worlds 2, 3 or 4, without having to go through the previous worlds. The other two are at level 4-2; one is reached in a similar way to the one in 1-2 but this allows only access to world 5. The other is reached through a beanstalk (growing plant or cluster, also in 4-2), and allows access to world 5. the player then jumps to worlds 6, 7, or 8.

Game completion

When he reaches level 8-4, Mario finds himself inside a castle, like the first ones, in the form of a labyrinth. Passing the maze, he meets King Koopa again, who throws fireballs and hammers. In a similar way to the previous ones, he is defeated in the two possible ways. After defeating him, Mario advances towards the place where he met Toad in the previous phases, although this time Princess Peach appears saying “Thank you Mario [or Luigi]! Your quest is over. We present you a new quest. Push button B to select a world”.

After beating the game, the player has the option to restart the game, but in hard mode, where all Goombas are replaced by Buzzy Beetles (which are like Koopa Troopas but cannot be defeated with fireballs) and all enemies are increased. his speed. Also, the risers are reduced in size. There is also an increasing number of dangers in the worlds. For example, in world 1-3, cannonballs fly across the screen, which normally don’t appear until later, like in world 5-3.

This is my first game, and I’ve been working on it for over a year. It’s been a long journey, but I think all my effort has been worth it. I’ve recreated the entire Super Mario Bros. game, but now you can play as different characters. Each character plays just like they do in their original games with some modifications to make the experience better.

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