Different uses of your mobile Internet connection

Tricks for a faster Internet connection in your Smartphone

A fast Internet connection is indispensable to take advantage of your Smartphone. You need the connection download files, make video calls or upload information to the cloud. Here we list you some of the better tricks to obtain more speed when navigating through the Internet.

It doesn’t matter if you use mobile data or WiFi connection. Your Smartphone has some features that can be used to improve the Internet experience globally. You can learn to correctly set up the bandwidth avoid background apps and some other tips to improve Internet speed.

The Internet connection is the hearth of a Smartphone.

Choose a correct bandwidth for a faster Internet connection

The first set up tip is to connect to a WiFi with the correct bandwidth. Nowadays, Smartphones allow you to connect to 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz bands. They each have their own advantages and issues. You need to correctly select between them to reach the best speed and stability for an Internet connection.

The 5 GHz band is faster but more sensible to distance and obstacles. The 2.5 GHz has more range, so it’s preferable when using far from the router.

Avoid background apps Internet consumption

The background apps affect Internet speed. It doesn’t matter if you are using WiFi or data connection. If you set up the background apps correctly, you will enjoy an improved Internet speed. Background apps consume a lot of resources, that’s the reason you should avoid them. Take a look to all your background apps and choose which ones you can turn off.

Check for malware

A normal reason for slow Internet collection is malware infection. The best option to avoid these malware attacks is a good antivirus. There are several apps for security in Android and iOS.

Update system and apps

Your apps and systems must be updated to maximize the performance of your Smartphone. Your Internet connection will work smoothly if your system is up to date. And it will also be more secure for navigating. The updating process of apps and systems helps to correct errors and vulnerabilities of your device.

Try connecting again

If you have mobile data connection issues, you should try to reconnect. Sometimes, the Internet data coverage is low where you are standing. In those cases, you should try to disconnect and connect again. You can do It manually by selecting the Internet data source, or turning on the Plane Mode and then turning it off.

Your device will automatically try to reconnect to the mobile data source. These tips are devised to improve the Internet speed connection in general, they work if you use mobile Internet or WiFi connection.

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