How to delete all your tweets in one click

2 alternatives to start using Twitter again

Twitter is a social network with strict rules against hate speech and discrimination. However, there are trolls and mean users that choose a target to start harassing them on the Internet. If you are thinking about closing your account in Twitter, check the alternatives to start the social network account again, changing the name or erasing your old posts.

If you eliminate your Twitter account, you lose it forever. For that reason, you can first try a change of user name or maybe the erasing process with specific web services. The objective is to make your Twitter account a blank slate and start over.

Famous or normal people, all of them can be trolls targets

The troll activity in Twitter is not restricted to celebrities with millions of followers. Sometimes, they also harass and insult ordinary people. Daily, hundreds of users consider closing their Twitter accounts because of cyberbullying and harassment. But you can try some middle-way processes before closing your account for good. If you choose to erase your account, you have 30 days to think and open it again. After those days, all your content will be erased for good. So, to avoid the account closing try these two alternatives.

Change your user name to use Twitter again

Twitter letes you change the name of your account. This can help you to avoid bullying users. The best part is that you won’t need to erase your publications. Twitter wants to preserve user. That’s why it gives you the alternative to change your name and take your content with you. The user account name is very easy:

  • Select More options in your Twitter profile.
  • Push Configuration and Support followed by Configuration and Privacy.
  • Select My account and press the change user name button.

This is an easy change that lets you modify the user name without losing all your files and previous publications on the bird social network.

Use a web to clean your Twitter account

Another option to start over again with your social network account is cleaning your account through web services. There are several web pages where you can erase the content stored in your account. The result is an account that seems recently created.

Tweetdelete is one of the most famous sites for this. You have to grant it access to your Twitter account and then press the Erase button. The process is automatic and fast. Once done, you can start your tweet publications again with no recollection of the old posts.

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