How to open Google Assistant

6 different ways to open Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a great tool to make the most of your Android Device. It can help you to schedule meetings, answer questions and have fun, among other uses. Here you will find some of the easiest and useful ways to open Google Assistan in your daily activities.

Some of the actions Google Assistant can do for you are exclusive for Google Pixel devices. The rest of them can be activated from any Android device. The tasks are easily started and very fast. You  won’t have any problem activating them from your phone or tablet.

Different ways to open Google Assistant

Open Google Assistant with the Home Button

The easiest way to open Google Assistant is holding the Home Button. In some devices the options comes already set. However you can manually turn on or off the Home Button function. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings Menu.
  • Select System & Gestures or Advanced settings.
  • Select shortcuts with gestures for Google Assistant.

Some mobile phones let you select the shortcut for certain buttons. In that case, you can set Google Assitant to open when pushing the Home Button.

Google Assistant voice orders

Another popular option is to acces the Google Assistant with voice commands. You only have to say Hey Google. This order works when listening music via Bluetooth or with the phone inactive.

Search bar

Another alternative to open Google Assistant is the search bar. Press the microphone icon to open the assistant immediately.

Open Google Assistant from the box app

If you Android device allow it, you can search Google Assistant in your app box. Type Google Assistant in the search box and then tap the icon to start the app.

Swipe from the corner

If you want to open the Google Assistant easily try swipping from any corner to the center of the screen. This option is only available if you have gesture navigation activated. From Android 12 onwards you can disable the option. Google Pixel and Android One devices have a set for gesture navigation in the Settings app.

Quick Tap function

Quick Tap is an Android 12 feature for Google Pixel devices. The user can activate different apps and functions by double tapping the back of the phone with tactile sensors. It can be set from the Settings apps in the Gesture navigation options.

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