Improve productivity at home office with domotic devices

How domotic can improve your productivity

Telework increased abruptly since COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays several companies have teleworkers and the alternatives to create a correct space for work is not always easy. However, domotic can help you to transform a room or space in your house in a perfect work environment for productivity.

We list some tips and recommendations from experts in work environment to take advantage of your own house when teleworking. From better air quality to virtual assistants or intelligent illumination. All of these features can be improved through domotic and also your overall productivity.

Domotic devices to improve productivity at home

Enhancements through domotic for your productivity at home

A correct work space is essential for productivity. The main objective is not to get distracted as well as being comfortable. Through different domotic devices, you can improve the room you have chosen as your telework office.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant or control center is the key for the domotic adjustments your workspace requires. Amazon Echo, Google Nest or Apple’s Homepod are the most known ones. Through voice commands you can control different devices and set them up to our liking. You can also set automatic processes for some of the functions.

Through apps like HomeKit, you can manage any setting from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The main idea is to have the control centralized in an easy way.

Better illumination with domotic for productivity

To increase productivity with domotic devices we need to set the correct illumination level. Offices tend to have some criteria regarding lights and intensity. It is a good idea to replicate this levels in your own office. WiFi controlled light bulbs can be adjusted manually to increase or decrease intensity according to our needs. You must also take into accounts the shades and reflections in order to rest your eyes and increase productivity. There is also the sensor option, to automatically react to natural light levels.

Reduce noise in your workspace

Noise is one of the enemies of productivity. It makes us distract. You can use domotic devices to increase your productivity setting the correct levels and volume for music and environmental sound. Apps like SONY scan the space with photo and video to correctly set your headphones for videocalls or meetings. Domotic helps you to have a uniform sound quality in every situation.

Air quality

The air in your workspace has to be clean. If not, you can have headaches and distract from your work. Domotic devices to improve air quality include humidifiers, air circulators or air conditioners. The recent models can be synched with a virtual assistant to set them up manually with voice commands.

Taking these tips into account you can have a better work environment. Domotic can be very helpful to work from home in a comfortable way.

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