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How to see running services in Android and what do they do

The Windows Task manager shows all the services your computer is running. In Android you can also check what your operative system is doing, but it’s a little trickier. The running services in Android start, stop and restart constantly in a dynamic way. If you want to know which apps are running in the background you can consult the running services.

In order to see Android running services you have to access developer´s options. Here you will find a step by step guide to take advantage of all your Android device features and apps.

What are the running services in in Android

What are the running services?

According to Android depiction, services are a part of the app. They do not have an interface but they allow the system to perform background operations in the long term.  They are essential for Android working as the service remains active in the background even if you open another app. Running services allow you to keep listening music while checking WhatsApp or receive messages from the e-mail app. Users usually do not consult running services. But it’s good to know which services are working if you suspect a spy app or you suffer from lack of RAM memory.

How to check

You can check your Android running services from the developer’s options menu. The activation of developer’s options is the same since Android Jelly Bean times. You have to enter System information in Settings and press compilation  number repeatedly. A box will appear and grant you developer’s options.

Once activated, Developer’s options has a button dedicated specially to running services. You can check the RAM memory amount, the running services and how much of RAM they are using. If you press on an app, you will have access to more detailed information. It is possible to know how long has it been on, the RAM usage and processes and services activated.

It is not advisable to mess with the Android running services if you do not know what you are looking for. Closing a service may cause a crash in the operative system if done rashly.  

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