How to promote Instagram Reels for free or paying

How to promote Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are the most popular social network content type nowadays. If you want to promote and go viral with your account you should take into consideration Instagram Reels as your ally. The format of Reels is more appealing to audiences today.

Instagram also includes two methods to promote your Reels. The idea is to increase reach of your account by attracting new users to your product. You can use promoting tools in the app to go viral faster with your account. Here you will learn how to promote your Instagram Reels for free or paying certain amounts to reach specific audiences.

Promote Instagram Reels easily

Promote Instagram Reels to obtain these benefits

  • Greater recognition for your Reels.
  • Longer range for your Reels.
  • New audiences.
  • More views for your Reels.
  • Increase selling of your apps and products.
  • Communication with potential clients through Direct Messages.

Promote the Reels for free

We can promote the Reels of our account without expending money with certain tools of the app. The correct use of hashtags for example, lets the user reach certain audiences directly. The number of users of certain hashtags can be organized in:

Lowtag hashtags: they have less than 50k publications. They can help you to draw audiences to your content.

Midtag hashtags: they have between 50k-100k. It’s the best hashtag for positioning your brand. They can help you make your reels more visible when combining with lowtags.

Goodtags: these tags have between 100k and 1M publications. The audience is very clustered and you should use them after reaching certain interaction with your spectators.

Bigtags: these hashtags have 1M and more users. They are very difficult to position if you have a small account.

Use Calls To Action

Calls To Action are invitations to the audience to do something we want immediately. It can be a download, an interaction or a buy. If our Reel has a CTA the audience may promote the content if it is useful or funny enough. The idea is to make the content appealing for other users to share it.

Synch audio and text

A great tool to promote your content is editing text and audio to show synched. The synchronization lets you put emphasis on certain ideas to draw attention of the spectator. It’s the precise definition of promoting content.

Include brand logotype

Don’t forget to show the logotype or name of your brand or product in the Reel. That’s the best way to promote your content. It’s a way to help our product to reach new potential users. The Reel is a form of add and you should use it as such. You can make a tutorial or show a product directly to your audience.

Promote Instagram Reels with paid options

The paid alternative to promote Instagram Reels helps you increase the audiences with a more professional approach. There are certain requirements for your Reel to be promoted:

  • Less than 60 seconds duration.
  • 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • It can’t use music, stickers or media with copyright.
  • It can’t be promoted if you already shared it on Facebook.

The steps to promote Instagram Reels paying are the following:

  • Open Reels tab and select the one you want to promote.
  • Press the 3 points button.
  • Select Promote Reel.
  • Choose the objective: more profile visits, more webpage visits or more Direct Messages.
  • Select the type of audience.
  • Choose the budget range.
  • You can preview how the Reel will be seen in Explore, Feed, Stories and Reels screen.
  • Select the payment option and start promoting your Reel.

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