Send e-mails to numerous recipients from Gmail

How to send an e-mail to numerous recipients in Gmail

The e-mail has become one of the most important elements to communicate. In professional and working spaces, it’s the official tool for indications. It is an easy and fast way to send documents and files to numerous recipients from just one e-mail address.

Nowadays we don’t need a computer in order to send e-mails. We can manage all our e-mail accounts directly from the Smartphone. Also, the e-mail account is necessary to fully set an Android or iOS device. You can create an e-mail from your Smartphone. That’s why we need to learn how to correctly manage an e-mail account, and also make use of the interesting features it includes. Such as sending an e-mail to several recipients in one go.

How to send e-mail to numerous recipients

Send an e-mail to numerous recipients from Gmail

The steps to send an e-mail to several recipients from a Gmail account are pretty easy to follow. You just need to have your Contacts app ready to send e-mail to all of them at once.

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. In Google Apps select Contacts.
  3. Click on Create contact and select if you want multiple recipients.
  4. Introduce the name or e-mail of your contact and then an additional one.
  5. Create a Label for multiple recipients and you can automate future sendings.
  6. Save the Label and drag the users to include.
  7. Press on Compose in order to start writing your message.
  8.  In the To: section select the label you created.
  9. You can eliminate some of the users if you don’t want them to receive the mail.
  10. Introduce a subject to the mail and write the body.
  11. You can press BCC to put all the recipients you don’t want their e-mail accounts to be seen in the message.
  12. Click on Send and your message will reach all of the users at the same time.

Following these easy steps you can send and e-mail to numerous recipients in just one go. Do it in order to inform your contacts of important data.

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