Lifeweaver: The new support character that will impact Overwatch 2

  • Learn about the abilities of Lifeweaver, the new support character in Overwatch 2
  • How will Lifeweaver affect the Overwatch 2 metagame?
  • Will Lifeweaver be the perfect counter to heroes like Genji?

Overwatch 2 is about to wrap up its third season and the upcoming season will see the addition of Lifeweaver, the new support character. The community has reacted positively to the reveal of him and now there is a heated debate and theories about his abilities.

Lifeweaver is the 37th character added to the hero shooter and the ninth to fill the support role. He uses technology called “biolight” to heal his teammates and build structures to elevate players and reposition teammates. Major supports are excited by the idea of a support that can defend better thanks to self-healing, a dash, and the ability to pull an ally to them.

Lifeweaver as a counter to Genji

According to recent leaks about his abilities, Lifeweaver will have self-sustainability and great potential to fend off flankers like Genji. With the combined use of a platform, a run, and the pull of an ally, Genji will have to be more careful as he plunges into the enemy rear line in season four. This means that Lifeweaver could become the perfect counter to Genji, who itself is the most cumbersome counter to support players in general due to his high mobility making him difficult to target.

The excitement of the Overwatch community

In general, the Overwatch community is excited about Lifeweaver’s design and potential abilities. The addition of him will almost certainly shake up the metagame in a significant way, as the developers have hinted at several times before.

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