Apple maps new features

Apple Maps launches new features to compete with Google Maps

  • Lane guidance, natural language, ETA sharing and more: discover the new features of Apple Maps
  • How these features will help users have a better browsing experience
  • The changes in Apple Maps that promise to revolutionize the way we use digital maps

Apple has been competing with Google Maps for a long time and has been adding unique features to attract more users. It recently launched new features in Apple Maps in six new countries (Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Croatia), signaling the company’s plan to beat Google Maps.

These features have been available to US users since 2018 and have been expanded twenty times since.

New Apple Maps features

New Apple Maps features include lane guidance, natural language guidance, ETA sharing, and look around.

These features are beta tested before release, and Apple Maps also includes speed camera and red light locations, multi-stop routes, hazard warnings, and electric vehicle charging points.

How these features help users

Natural language guidance will provide voice directions, and ETA sharing will automatically share your estimated time of arrival with your authorized contacts, letting your friends and family know your location and any delays.

In addition, the look around feature will provide stunning 3D photo-based street level images, while the flyover will provide 3D views of important landmarks.

The indoor maps feature will allow users to find stores, restrooms, and restaurants in malls and airports, and will also help them know if a store or restaurant is open.


These features promise a new experience for map users, and Apple claims to be strengthening the privacy features of Apple Maps.

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