Google engine search artificial intelligence

Google will soon launch the new engine search powered by artificial intelligence

  • Google is developing new artificial intelligence features for its search engine, including a chatbot capable of answering software engineering questions and generating code snippets.
  • The company has committed more than 160 employees to the redesign, and is experimenting with a feature called “Searchalong” that would allow users to receive contextual information via a chatbot.
  • Google plans to announce Magi next month, before introducing additional new features in the fall, with the goal of offering a much more personalized search experience.

Google is in the race to develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search engine in response to competition from Microsoft and OpenAI.

As reported by Engadget, the company is in the early stages of creating a search service that will offer a more personalized experience by anticipating user needs.

In addition, Google is developing new AI features for its current search engine under the codename “Magi.”

Development of AI functions for the search engine

Among the new features Google is developing is a chatbot that can answer software engineering questions and generate code snippets.

They are also working on a feature that would allow people to search for music through a chatbot and Chrome’s “Searchalong” feature, which would allow a chatbot to scan a web page to provide contextual information.

Other experimental projects include “GIFI” and “Tivoli Tutor”, which would allow users to ask Google Image Search to generate images and chat with a chatbot to learn a new language.

Magi announcement and availability

Google is expected to announce Magi next month and roll out additional new features in the fall, with features making the features available to one million users in the United States before expanding to 30 million users by the end of the year.

The company has been incorporating AI into Google Search for several years and has been able to significantly improve the quality of the results.

Importance of Magi for Google

Magi’s importance to Google was highlighted when Samsung, which has a search deal worth about $3 billion a year, expressed interest in making Bing its default search on its devices.

This announcement sent Google into a “panic”. The company’s search agreement with Apple, which has come under antitrust scrutiny in the past, is also expected to be renewed this year.

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