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How to play Star Wars Republic Commando in Switch for free

In 1999 Star Wars premiered Episode I The Phantom Menace. It was a movie to revitalize the saga and expand the lore of George Lucas’ universe. It also enlarged the number of videogames for computers and consoles. Nowadays we can enjoy the forgotten classic Star Wars Republic Commando in Switch for free. It’s your turn to become a soldier of the Galactic Republic.

The game was launched in 2005 and developed by LucasArts. It was a time when the company was starting to lose sight of the proyects, but SW Republic Commando ended up as a good game overall. We explore what the game was about and what can you enjoy now in the Nintendo Switch reedition.

Put a stop to the Clone Wars with Star Wars Republic Commando for free in Switch

Star Wars Republic Commando for free in Switch

The title puts the player in control of a group of clones from the Delta Team. It focuses on cooperative gaming, using our squadron to put order in several locations during the Clone Wars far and wide the galaxy.-

The new free version of Star Wars Republic Command will be available on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. You can enjoy it for a time without paying a cent. What do you have to do?

You have time until April 26th when the games enter Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription mode for Japanese users. This subscription lets you play other classic such as Super Nintendo, NES and Game Boy Advance titles. If you have an active account you can use the Delta Team and explore the galaxy fighting against Count Dooku’s troops. After the free trial period is over you have to pay 14,99 euros in the eShop.

Rumors indicate that other LucasArts games from that era are coming to Nintendo Switch. Some titles such as Star Wars Pod Racer and the Tatooine races are already available. But it seems like Star Wars is enjoying a revitalization of the classic videogames.

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