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Bring Minecraft mobs to life with ChatGPT AI mods

ChatGPT has a lot of uses. The ultimate limit is imagination. DegenerIA it’s a Twitch direct by elRubius where everything works with artificial intelligence like OpaneAI. Now it’s possible to add ChatGPT to Minecraft and interact with the mods in the game.

Minecraft it’s probably the game with more mods in history. It’s a very simple game that keeps the top position in sales all around the world. It has millions of players. The more interesting part is that the game has no limits, you can do practically everything in game.

Minecraft adds ChatGPT mods to the mobs

Interact with Minecraft mobs using ChatGPT

There are several mobs in Minecraft such as zombies, creepers, spiders, skeletons and slendermans. The more aggressive mobs are dumb and they attack you without thinking. But there’s a new option that adds features to all animals and characters in the environment.

The new ChatGPT addition makes the game more realistic, or at least adds a playability layer. You need to execute the Minecraft Java version and add the ChatGPT AI. There are a lot of mods that explore the inclusion of artificial intelligence inside the game. AIMobs is one of the most interesting ones. It allows you to talk with all the characters. You can talk with zombis, skeletons, cows or even sheep and rabbits. You can even ask things about Minecraft or other topics.

At the moment you can only chat with a basic structure. You can ask a zombie to help you find iron, but the answer will only be tips to get iron. There’s also the alternative MCChatGT. It’s very much the same. We can talk with the mobs and ask them things or tips inside the game.

If you want to use these mods, you have to know that the information that ChatGPT shares is limited. The mods have limited access to the AI. The feature is only available on Minecraft 1.17, the most recent version of the game. The new updates introduced after that version are not currently compatible.

Is there anything that you can’t do on Minecraft?

Is there a limit to Minecraft possibilities? You can do all sort of crazy things. From a calculator inside the game, to a computer processor. There’s also a library bigger than a special server where censored texts from all around the world are available. There are even some maps that are exact replicas of the world.

But there are other crazy stuff in Minecraft, such as playing Doom inside the game or Minecraft dentor. And there are Twitch series like Squids Games and Tortillaland with several followers.

The most curious thing is that Minecraft is a simple blocks videogame that keeps selling relatively easy. It is a catchy game for kids and adults. And it also has spin-offs like Minecraft Legends to keep expanding the world. There are sagas very popular in videogame history and Microsoft has done it well by buying Mojang.

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