How to activate dark mode benefits in your mobile phone

Dark mode in the mobile phone has numerous benefits

If you use the dark mode in your mobile phone you can immediately enjoy the numerous benefits in short and medium term. You may not believe it, but the dark mode benefits are a lot and you should start thinking about using it regularly. In this guide you will find the most important and relevant ones. Here we enlist the features of dark mode that affect positively your daily mobile interaction.

Even if you don’t use it all day, you can start by checking the mode at night or in the apps you use the most. You won’t regret it.

How to activate dark mode

Dark mode benefits: it protects your eyes

One of the main advantages of the dark mode is the eye caring features. The use of darker tones make your eyes rest easy. It reduces significantly eye fatigue in the user and it’s essential for those who spend too much time in front of the screen.

Health benefits of the dark mode are clearly proven by academic investigations. The darker colors protect our eyes from the blue light. If you use the mobile phone for long periods of time or in poorly lit environments you should activate dark mode. For example, you can use it as a special WhatsApp feature. It helps to reduce eyestrain and harmful effects.

The use of dark mode enhances the content visualization. It’s more evident in photos and videos. Moreover, it helps to facilitate reading once you get accustomed to the mode. When used during night, the dark mode helps getting a best rest.

Save energy and protect your screen

The dark mode or using a dark theme in apps it’s positive for OLED and AMOLED devices. It can help you to save energy and extend battery life. The white pixels consume more energy so a darker theme reduces the power requirements of the screen. You can win some battery hours by using the dark mode correctly.

In AMOLED screens, some colorful backgrounds generate issues. It’s recommendable to select darker themes or backgrounds to make the best out of these panels. The dark mode also saves you money in mobile device repairs.

How to activate the dark mode in the phone

Dark mode benefits for your mobile phone can be easily turned on from the Settings app. You need to open the Screen section and choose dark mode or dark theme. You can even customize it through different options according to the operative system version.

In the iPhone, the activation of the dark mode is similar. You need to open the Settings app and open the Screen section. There you will find the brightness configuration. It’s also possible to activate dark mode from the Control Center. When you want the dark mode to activate automatically you have to set it in the Automatic toggle located on the Screen – Brightness panel.

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