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How to create successful Reels in just one go

If you want your Reels to be successful on Instagram or TikTok the content has to be interesting for your audience. They also need to be presented with some quality filters and Instagram effects that make the content highlight. There are some tricks you can use to improve the reach of your videos.

Remember that TikTok and Instagram allow you to upload or make videos of 60 seconds. Once you know the format and requirements for each platform, you need to analyze your audience and start creating exciting videos.

Create successful Reels in TikTok and Instagram with CatCut

Use CapCut to create successful Reels

CapCut is a great app that helps you to create incredible Reels thanks to its features and filters. It’s one of the most complete apps for video edition. You can start with a little script or just film your video. You can redo a video all the times you need.

Once you have CapCut installed, you need to select New Project and choose the video you want to edit. You can change several settings such as frame per second, resolution and more:

  • Add a front page for your video.
  • Upload audio file.
  • Silence.
  • Edit.
  • Add text.
  • Add stickers.
  • Use Overlay feature.
  • Add filters and effects.
  • Change aspect rate.
  • Use Canvas feature.
  • Change video speed.
  • Adjust image.

You can see all of the tools at the bottom of the screen. You can also forward the video to add the filter in a specific segment of the video. In order to add new effects you need to press the + symbol and join videos.

Filters and effects to improve your videos

The effects and filters are your ally when creating successful Reels. You can put a great variety of filters to obtain your own style. The menu is full of tools you can try to improve your videos according to your likings. In order to try them you can use the preview option to check the results.

Once you have chosen your video, you will have a button to share the Reels in TikTok or Instagram, as well as Facebook and other social media apps. Using CapCut will help you to improve your Reels in general, and there are some filters considered really popular. The following list includes the most used filters for creating exciting reels.

  • Rainbow thunderbolt: it makes a rainbow heart appear on the video you are editing.
  • Hairstyle changer: it modifies the hair style of the people in your video. You can select different styles, colors and aspects.
  • Double: it multiplies the person in your video. Some contents are really funny when you apply this filter.
  • Gas flow: the video will have a curious gas flow above the people and elements.

This is only a small view to all of the tools CapCut includes for you Reels. Start learning how to edit in order to create successful Reels easily in your Instagram account.

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