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Now you can play Keno online, easy and fast

  • Keno combines characteristics of bingo and lottery and is one of the most popular games
  • Why play it in BC.GAME and what are the steps to follow to do it?

Although it is probably not as popular as other Internet casino games, during the last few months Keno has become one of the biggest trends in online fun, something that it owes to the various platforms that have decided to include it among their proposals.

The good news, then, is that you can play Keno online quickly and easily, and in this article we are going to go over all the details related to the game and why play it at BC.GAME.

BC.GAME Keno is nothing more than an adaptation of the game that for centuries has been adopted worldwide in different entertainment spaces, and that respects principles very similar to those of bingo, in terms of matching the prediction with numbers.

But what is different with respect to bingo is that here the coincidence must not occur with respect to a card but with respect to a series of balls that are drawn from a drum, something similar to the lottery. Uniting the characteristics of these two classic games, today we find an unmissable one.

How is Keno played?

If you are not used to it, you have to select up to 20 numbers between 1 and 80, or only one number between 1 and 10, depending on the modality chosen before. Obviously, if you match the numbers you win and take the bet you would have made.

This version of BC.GAME Keno has an RTP percentage of 95% and offers several bets so that each player can carry out those with which they feel more confident, betting both individual numbers and within specific ranges, just as it is done when playing roulette.

To put it simply, if you like to play bingo or blackjack but prefer a game with a little more action, Keno might be for you because the spins don’t stop and you don’t waste a lot of time figuring out if you’ve been lucky or not. It is a dynamic game, ideal for spare time.

Why play it at BC.GAME?

Keno online
Source: BC.GAME

The acronym RTP means Return To Player and refers to the rate of return to which the player accesses. It is a percentage that represents the amount of money that users can achieve with bets in the online operator. At BC.GAME they are 97%, which means that you can win more than playing on other similar platforms where the RTP percentage is lower.

In addition, it is an extremely easy game to learn to play, which for some is a gateway to other BC.GAME games that are much more complex than this one. Even if you have no experience with online casinos or playing online Keno, you can have a fun time with this interesting game.

At the same time, the user interface of this online platform is intuitive and pleasant. This may not be important for some players, but for others who want a nice and easy-to-use environment, it is.


In a few words, Keno is an easy and fast game to play, which is available on the BC.GAME platform and which may not only be ideal for you but also to share it with all your friends through the link provided for it.

You can try it for free and bet if you have a feeling that you will win money. It is one of the best digital adaptations of this classic.

And if at any time you get tired, there is always the possibility of reviewing the other games that exist on the platform.

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