How do Wear OS 3 devices help you forget your phone

Apps you must install on your Wear OS watch to let your phone at home

Smartwatches with the operating system Wear OS are more popular than ever today. They include the ability to download and install apps like a regular Smartphone. Thus you can interact in advanced ways and make the most out of its features. Using Wear OS you can forget about your phone at home.

The new Wear OS 3 arrived recently with a great increase in apps compatibility. You can download them from the Google Play Store and use devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This watch allows you to access all kinds of functions and features, such as replying messages, GPS location, answering calls and much more.

Start using Wear OS 3 apps and forget taking out your phone

The apps you must install in your Wear OS to forget about the phone

In this guide you will find the best apps you need to install in your Wear OS watch. You can also explore the Google Play Store to find new apps to optimize the Smartwatch experience. There are thousands of developers working on the Wear OS platform, so it’s understandable that new apps will keep appearing. Even though there are hundreds available, the future looks more promising.


This is one of the apps you must install in Wear OS to forget about keeping your phone with you. It’s the star music application for Wear OS thanks to the Spotify Connect feature. You can play, pause and control the music connected to other devices such as tablets, computers or speakers.

The Spotify Wear OS app gives you quick access to your favorite playlists and podcast episodes. Using the AI DJ feature you can discover new artists and enjoy the best of the music worldwide.


Another reason to start using Wear OS without worrying if you forget your phone device is WhatsApp. The app is in beta testing phase but it offers support for many of the features we can see in the phone or web version. For example, you can see the number of unread messages or access quickly to specific chats or voice messages. The user has great accessibility to the app without taking the phone out of the bag every time you get a notification.

Google Home for Wear OS and forget your phone in the bag

Another reason to forget about the phone is using Google Home app in Wear OS. The new update version permits quick access to Google Home Settings using a shortcut through the Pixel Watch as well as other watches with Wear OS. You can control lot of smart devices directly from your wrist.

Google Weather

Another great addition to control you daily life from the watch and not the phone is Google Weather. The app has improved in comparison to previous version for Wear OS. It offers a smooth interface that shows current temperature as well as the forecast for the next few days. You can check for precipitation data, sunrise and sunset times or the UV index. You can also be aware of real-time UV directly from your Smartwatch. It’s the best solution to control your sun exposure.

Google Maps and Keep

The location app Google Maps is essential in order to get directions for almost anywhere in the world. If you use a Wear OS watch you can forget about your phone when navigating on foot or car because the app works perfectly. Most of the functions are available in Wear OS version, from finding a street or restaurant to planning a route for exercise.

You can also use Google Keep to write your shopping list or other stuff. It’s a great app with excellent compatibility with the Smartwatch control. It’s very easy to interact and synchronize directly with the phone.

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