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Obtain free coins on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social network apps nowadays. In order to make the most out of it you can use the TikTok coins to enjoy extra features and promotions. There are websites and apps that promise you unlimited free coins but most of them are scams and frauds that can harm your device. In worst case scenarios you end up installing a virus or having your money stolen. That’s why you should learn how to obtain free coins on TikTok with no risk at all.

You won’t get unlimited coins but you will add some of them daily with no risks to your account or device at all. The best option to get coins for TikTok is paying for them, but in order to save money and get free coins you have some alternatives.

Use TikTok coins for different features and gifts.

The few ways to get free coins on TikTok

If you don’t to pay for TikTok coins you have to get them through gifts and collaboration with other creators. For example, you can do live streams and people can send you virtual gifts to convert into coins. Sometimes the audience even gives you coins directly as a token of appreciation for the content you make or the collaboration with certain tiktoker.

That’s why you have to think carefully and spend some time creating quality content and growing your follower base. The best way to receive gifts is to motivate your audience to interact with you. It’s a TikTok aspect that depends solely on the creator and its relationship with the followers. If you make your TikTok viral you will have more opportunities.

Another option is to take part on TikTok official challenges. There are not that many, but sometimes the app organizes contests for the creators to win virtual coins. The only requirement is to be updated on the date. Participate in a contest and discover how to earn free coins from the popular app TikTok.

Be aware of scams. There are several APK applications claiming to offer free TikTok coins but if you install them you could lose your money, your account or your personal data. Moreover, you risk losing control of your account or even getting the TikTok user suspended. There is no guarantee when using these fake APKs. Avoid any coin generation app because they don’t work and can harm your device heavily.

There are no legal ways to obtain infinite TikTok coins or a large number of them without paying. The free alternatives give the user a little amount of coins and they limit the number of coins per day, week or month inclusively.

Join the TikTok monetization program

Another great opportunity to get TikTok coins is joining the Monetization Program. It’s the tool to earn money creating tiktoks and you need to have at least 10.000 followers to register. This is the requirement for European and American users and you can activate it from the account settings, under the creator tools menu.

When registering for the TikTok monetization program you need to input some personal information as well as accept the terms of conditions to submit an application for review. The TikTok team will contact you after checking the data and they will answer you if you meet the requirements.

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