Improve battery life in AMD laptops

Improve your laptop battery life with new AMD technology

The adaptative frequency technology is a great solution that synchs GPU’s FPS with the screen’s refresh rate. Using this technology generates a power consumption reduction and AMD Ryzen processors introduce FreeSync Panel Replay to improve your battery life in laptop.

The battery life in a laptop is critical, especially for those users of gaming models. In order to improve laptop battery life the new AMD technology will also work in conjunction with SSDs, LPDDR memories and other improvements in the computer world. As every designer is looking for enhancements for battery life, it’s great news for those who choose AMD Ryzen processors.

Ingenious technology for AMD laptop battery life

AMD Freesync technology is the new proposal to improve laptop battery life. It’s designed to work in graphic cards and it’s a version of VESA Adaptative Sync. It helps the system to synchronize the FPS with GPU’s refresh rate.

The primary objective of this new tech is to eliminate graphic issues such as tearing or flickering. On the other hand, it improves energy efficiency to some extent. This enhances AMD laptop battery life in the long term.

The FreeSync Panel Replay technology is developed exclusively for laptops based on Ryzen processors. It requires the laptop to have DCN v3.1.4 or newer displays. The revelation of the new AMD technology used the latest graphic card drivers for Linux operating systems. When reading the patch, we find the following purposes for the new AMD technology:

  • DCN retrieves a frame of data from DF/UMC/DRAM, this can prevent the hardware path from shutting down.
  • The GPU transmits pixel data to the display using the main DisplayPort interface link and can prevent the shutdown of the source transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX).
  • However not everything is good news. AMD claims that FreeSync Panel Replay and Adaptative Refresh Rate cannot work at the same time. The former solution is better as it maintains synchronization between source and receiver. The latency is reduced and you can handle more usage scenarios while easily controlling the receiver refresh updates.

Using this new technology AMD prevents the GPU from repeatedly sending the same frame when the display has no changes. It’s a reduction of unnecessary repetition that leads to less power consumption.

AMD laptop battery life technology limits

Users lament that both features are not compatible. It’s uncertain how much energy and battery life is saved through FreeSync Panel Replay technology yet. There is also no information about the comparison with Adaptive Refresh Rate in terms of efficiency. AMD hasn’t mentioned the new technology before and it’s part of the new features for Ryzen processors.

Users who discovered the patch indicate that the technology consists of about a thousand lines of code. Code miners found it and suggest it could be implemented on a widespread scale by the end of 2023. The arrival could be coincidental with the major driver update AMD releases at the end of every year. The update calendar of AMD includes 1-3 months updates as well as a major annual update. It helps to bring significant performance optimization for AMD devices, especially in videogames. The update package also includes new technologies as well as updates to the Adrenalin Software solution.

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