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Roadmap indicate that the launch of Nvidia’s RTX 5000 series will be in 2025

  • Nvidia delays the release of the RTX 5000 series to 2025, surprising fans and graphics card experts alike.
  • Upcoming GeForce cards are expected to offer up to two-fold performance improvement compared to the RTX 4000 series.
  • Ray tracing will become a key focus, and Nvidia is expected to incorporate lessons learned from the current generation by providing more VRAM on its new graphics cards.

Rumors have recently surfaced that the successor to Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series, possibly called the RTX 5000, will be available next year. However, based on the latest roadmap from the Nvidia team, it looks like next-gen graphics cards (RTX 5000) won’t arrive until 2025.

Roadmap revealed by Nvidia

Historically, Nvidia has released a new generation of graphics cards roughly every two years. With the introduction of Ada Lovelace in October 2022, the successor to the RTX 5000 was expected to hit the market next year. However, it seems that Nvidia is extending the release interval to 3 years.

Andreas Schilling, editor at HardwareLuxx, shared a roadmap revealed by Nvidia during a presentation on its H100 GPUs.

roadmap nvidia rtx 5000
Source: hardwareluxx

This roadmap shows the company’s future products and their release dates.

Previous reports suggested that the Hopper Next architecture, which the roadmap says will be released next year, could be used in both business cards and gaming cards. However, the arrival of Ada Lovelace-Next the following year puts an end to those claims.

Name and delay of Lovelace’s successor

Nvidia has not revealed the official name of Lovelace’s successor. Many people say it could be Blackwell, but it could also be Hopper’s successor.

Delaying the release of the RTX 5000 series by a year seems to make sense from Nvidia’s perspective. Lovelace has received criticism for its high prices, especially during these difficult economic times.

Nvidia could expect the economy to improve by 2025, which would make an expensive graphics card less of a luxury only a few can afford. Also, Nvidia is releasing the RTX 4000 cards, such as the RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti, and we may see more low-end and high-end cards released in this range, such as the RTX 4090 Ti.

Expected improvement in performance and focus in ray tracing

Next-gen GeForce cards are rumored to offer a massive performance boost compared to the RTX 4000 series.

There has been speculation of up to a 2x performance boost on Nvidia’s upcoming GeForce cards, which seems plausible considering Lovelace will be three years into development when they’re released.

Ray tracing is likely to be a major focus, and hopefully Nvidia will have learned lessons from the current generation by giving cards more VRAM.

Importance of revenue and AI

Another important factor is that Nvidia doesn’t need to launch a new product line when it’s making big profits thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

The company has forecast that it will generate $11 billion in revenue in the next quarter, which is an 80% increase over the previous year, thanks to huge demand for its H100 GPU.

Hopper Next’s arrival in 2024 will no doubt further boost his earnings.

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