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New Diablo IV patch improvements

Blizzard released Diablo IV recently but they are not resting and enjoying the sales success. It is true that last month it broke sales records, but now things are different. The development team is working with the idea of a long road ahead in terms of support, updates and new content. For that reason the new Diablo IV patch brings interesting improvements for those who love the fantasy experience in the lands of Sanctuary.

The creators of Diablo have always improved their games through updates. The balance of characters, the powers and stats of each class as well as the rewards and enemies change with new updates. This ensures that none is superior to the others and that, in a natural way but with different styles and tools, everyone shares a similar level of difficulty. In the first few weeks of the newest Blizzard ARPG it’s logical to see unbalanced stuff. But the new Diablo IV patch comes to start the fixing period.

The new improvements in Diablo IV patch

The first major patch of Diablo IV

Blizzard has just released and made available for all players the 1.0.4 update for Diablo IV. It’s undoubtedly the most significant of the patches until now. They made several changes after the DDoS attacks on the last days that made a bit more difficult for gamers to enter the game servers. This was especially noticeable on the days they aimed to level up the characters to the maximum.

The new Diablo IV patch focuses on class improvements. They can increase their basic attack damage and some special abilities. The reason for these changes is strictly related to balance issues. The main goal is for all players to be competitive against each other with no class specially standing out above other.

Besides the adjustments for the available classes, Diablo IV new patch also includes corrections to dungeons, Sanctuary events and activities around the world. The local co-op mode also works better with a smoother user interface and difficulty levels adjusted to allow solo players to complete them. In the previous version, these scenarios were impossible to win alone.

The Blizzard explanations

Blizzard’s development team explained the changes, stating that they continue their efforts to make all Class builds more fun and powerful with a new round of balance updates. For these improvements it’s very useful the user feedback. Basic Skills and Main Skills were the most tweaked features of the game.

Unlike other Diablo games, basic attacks in Diablo IV are not as powerful or helpful, requiring the players to rely on other learned abilities to save the day. The patch also increased the power of some Skills that players felt falling behind their counterparts. For future updates the team is closely monitoring highly discussed topics such as minion survivability and built parity.

All of these improvements in Diablo IV patch indicate that the world of Sanctuary has a lot to give to the players. We are patiently waiting for new updates.

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