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With Samsung Wallet, now university students can be identified and make purchases from their mobile

  • Samsung announces a revolutionary update to its Wallet app, allowing students from 68 prestigious institutions to easily access and make purchases from their Samsung phones.
  • The new functionality supports digital student IDs on the latest Samsung devices, providing hassle-free access to leading educational institutions like Penn State, the University of Florida and more.
  • Samsung Wallet joins the trend of digital IDs for students, with standout features like the innovative “quick mode” and a maximum focus on security

Samsung has taken an exciting step toward modernization and convenience by announcing a groundbreaking update to its Wallet app. This enhancement will allow students at 68 prestigious colleges and universities in the United States to easily access and make purchases through their Samsung phones. The idea of carrying the campus in your pocket has come true!

Hassle-free access to educational institutions

Thanks to Samsung Wallet, students will no longer have to worry about losing their physical IDs or standing in long lines to access school facilities.

This new functionality now supports digital student IDs on US versions of the brand’s latest devices, including the Galaxy S20 or later, Note 20, Galaxy Flip or Fold, and Galaxy A53, with support for the Galaxy Watch coming this fall.

Broad student support. Samsung is proud to be endorsed by several leading educational institutions, including Penn State, the University of Florida, Central Michigan University, the University of North Alabama, and Stevens Institute of Technology. All of them have already enabled Samsung Wallet ID integration, giving students hassle-free access to their respective educational institutions.

Collaboration and competition in the market

Samsung is not alone in this student revolution. Competitors like Apple and Google Pay have already been supporting contactless student ID cards for several years.

Apple introduced this functionality in 2018, while Google Pay joined the trend in 2020 in collaboration with Transact, a leading payment solutions company for tuition and other student expenses.

Now, Samsung has partnered with Transact to bring this innovative experience to its users.

Outstanding features and guaranteed security

One of the most prominent features of this integration is Samsung Wallet’s innovative “quick mode”, which allows users to access facilities simply by touching their phones, even without unlocking the screen.

In addition, the power reserve feature ensures that students can use their digital ID even in low battery reserve situations or when the phone has been turned off.

Regarding security, Samsung has ensured that the digital IDs in its Wallet are protected with the highest level of security, providing peace of mind for both students and the educational institutions involved.

Future expansion and continuous improvements. While this new technology is revolutionary, it is important to note that the ability to pay with NFC in stores and vending machines on campus is not yet available at all participating institutions. However, Samsung and Transact are working hard to expand the offering and make this feature available to more students in the near future.

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