Eliminate noise using Voicemeeter

Eliminate noise from your breathing and fans in recordings

When talking over the computer, the most annoying thing is hearing of your own breathing or a fan or noises in general. Although they may not be very bothersome, some can drive anyone crazy when you hear them constantly. In order to prevent this issue, we explore simple tools and alternatives to prevent it. The main objective is to achieve the highest audio quality possible for your microphone and eliminate noise.

The ways to reduce and eliminate noise that leaks into the microphone are very different. For example, you can use hardware solutions and add accessories or place the microphone in a specific position, or you can try software solutions. There are applications and software tools to filter the noise and improve the audio quality.

Use a Windscreen filter to eliminate noise

Windscreen filter to eliminate noise

The first method is very simple and it relates to hardware alternatives. You can use a windscreen filter on your microphone. In the world of streamers this item is called deadcat. There are many types of filters so you need to avoid confusion with their functions. The deadcat for your microphone stands out because it’s covered in fur and you can commonly see it in television studios. It’s a very regular tool in street interviews as it works filtering the noises from the background or environment.

The windscreen filters are quite affordable and generally fit with any microphone. You can purchase one, attach it to your microphone and start comparing the difference. Most sounds that do not come from your own mouth won’t be heard by others thanks to the filter.

Another possibility is the foam filters, with a slightly less effective rate. However, a lot of streamers choose these filters because they look more beautiful. On the negative side, the foam filters require a specific size for each microphone so you should verify before buying that the models are compatible.

Microphone Placement

Even though it may sound trivial, the microphone placement is essential to eliminate noise in your recordings and live streams. Many people experience noise interferences because they don’t properly place the microphone. A common mistake is putting the microphone closer to the mouth of the speaker. In fact, you should leave a distance of at least 10 centimeters for desk microphones and 3-4 centimeters for those integrated on headphones. When you use AirPods, for example, you have them into your ears but the other people can hear you perfectly on the phone. Do exactly the same when using a desk microphone. If you distance yourself, the sound will be clearer.

You should also try to position the microphone in a different path of your breathing. Tilt it slightly and you will reduce the problem of your breathing being heard. If you put the microphone directly in line with your mouth the air will be heard.

Use Voicemeeter

Finally, in terms of software solutions to eliminate noise you can try Voicemeeter. It’s a program that lets you adjust parameters to reduce ambient noise. You can reduce your breathing as well as other sounds like wind or environmental noises. With just a few tweaks you can improve the quality sound in your recordings.

Normally you can erase the noise by adjusting one or two points. It depends on the quality of your microphone and how does it catch the noises that surround you. With Voicemeeter you can notice great improvement almost immediately.

These are three quick and common solutions to eliminate noise in your live calls or recordings. Try them to improve the audio quality without spending too much money.

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