How to check Internet speed

Check if your Internet connection is stable with Windows

In order to experience a better navigation on the Internet, you must have a smooth connection. If you want to check if your Internet connection is stable you can use a Windows tool that gives you a quick analysis. The operating system includes a tool to detect potential problems and take action as soon as possible to resolve them. The main objective of this Windows tool is to guarantee a fast, stable and problem-free connection to Internet.

When you experience difficulties when browsing the Internet, there are many reasons to verify. Perhaps the router is not working right, there’s a setting issue or you can even have a virus or a hardware problem. When you detect if the connection is good or not, it is easier to pinpoint the origin of the Internet issue.

How to know if an Internet connection is stable with Windows

Internet stable connection, how to check it on Windows

It’s very easy to find out if your Internet connection is stable using the Windows operating system. You just have to follow these steps to determine if the Internet is working well or if there is something to fix or improve in terms of speed and stability.

The ping test is the tool Windows offers you to check the connection stability. You can activate it directly from the Command Prompt. If there are jumps, they indicate an unstable connection. The signal will prompt you to take actions and address the issue.

  • Open the Start Menu and search for Command Prompt.
  • Introduce the command: ping –t
  • The system will start pinging Google’s DNS servers and it will ping until you interrupt it.

In order to check for stability you have to let the ping run for a few seconds. If the connection is stable, the ping will come back and forth every second. To stop it you have to press Ctrl+C key combination. Then you will see the results on screen. In case you have an unstable Internet connection, you will see that there are lost packets. The analysis will show you not only the total count of packets but also the percentage.

On the other hand, if your connection is good and stable, you can see that there are 0 lost packets and 0%. It’s a very simple and fast test you can perform on the Windows operating system to fix any connection issue.

Measure the speed of your Internet connection

The speed of your Internet experience is not the best indicator for stability since many other factors influence it, such as coverage, router capacity or network card. Nevertheless, you can conduct a speed test and check if the connection seems stable or not. You can gain more insight on how your network is operating.

In case you detect a limited upload or download speed, it could indicate stability problems. The cause may be a misconfigured network card as well as outdated drivers or router issues. However, it can also mean that you are too far from the access point so check for spatial location before doing anything else.

The best way to correctly detect stability issues is to perform several tests. You can check the speed next to the router, far from it and connected via cable. The main goal is to rule out problems like a malfunctioning router. If the speed is good when closer to the router, you can be experiencing a bad stability because of poor coverage. Try repeaters, mesh systems or powerline communication to improve the wireless network.

Finally, to determine if the Internet connection is stable on Windows, perform the ping test. Combine different methods to improve the knowledge about your Internet connection and how it works.

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