The fake ChatGPT that makes viruses and threats

A fake ChatGPT is being used to steal your passwords

In the last few weeks we have learned a lot of features related to ChatGPT. However, we have come across many negative news stories that highlight how it can impact security or privacy. We analyze the FraudGPT, a malicious chatbot created in order to work as a tool for hackers. They want to steal passwords or personal data using a fake ChatGPT a new scam that you have to avoid.

This isn’t the first scam using ChatGPT and IA tools. There was the case of WormGPT, similar to the FraudGPT we are detailing here. The artificial intelligence is being maliciously used to create malware and launch phishing attacks. It can also steal your password or compromise your personal data.

The FraudGPT AI tool

New threat, FraudGPT and the fake ChatGPT

The FraudGPT is a bot that operates as a fake ChatGPT. The user asks a question or sends a text, and the chatbot responds on its own. The bot can provide instructions on how to act or how to carry out a certain cyber attack. This is a significant problem because it’s available on cybercriminal forums, the users with less knowledge can use this tool to learn how to hack.

If you try to use the regular ChatGPT for malicious purposes, you will receive a message indicating that it was not created for that. The IA won’t assist you in creating malware or hacks.  But FraudGPT changes this feature. For instance, it can provide you information about websites that let you obtain card theft information online. It can also create simple viruses that represent a great threat to computers and mobile devices.

Security researchers identified this threat and there’s a wide spread through Telegram channels and online forums. FraudGPT is exclusively designed for malicious purposes, including creating phishing emails, malware tools and card theft. It’s a chatbot created essentially to assist cybercriminals.

Search for security issues

You need to stay protected at all times. The FraudGPT is an artificial intelligence that can serve as a great assistant for hackers. The cyber attacks is more accessible to those who want to steal passwords or introduce viruses in others’ devices.

The best way to avoid FraudGPT scams is to exercise common sense and avoid making mistakes. For example, you mustn’t click on dangerous links that come through WhatsApp or email conversations. Be cautious with any link that you can’t fully trust. It can be a real danger.

Having a good antivirus installed is also important. Security software is essential for detecting threats as early as possible as well as preventing malware from being introduced to steal passwords or compromise privacy by infecting you with a trojan to record all the data you input.

Another tip is to update your system regularly. Vulnerabilities can arise, and it’s advisable to fix them as soon as possible. Furthermore, you have to try always have the latest versions of the operating system and any programs you intend to use.

To sum up, the new chatbot FraudGPT represents a significant security problem. Hackers can use it to easily create phishing attacks or viruses that steal your personal information. Take your time and stay vigilant for emails or websites that look suspicious.

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