financing cryptocurrency projects

Funded cryptocurrency projects: how to find out about them?

  • is a cryptocurrency-based platform that provides data on industry-related projects, including market analysis and business watch lists.
  • How does your “Insights” section of fundraising rounds work?

The fundraising rounds allow us to know which cryptocurrency projects have funding. Thanks to specialized portals in the field, experts and those who claim to be experts have the unprecedented, unmissable possibility of anticipating market movements. For this you must learn how to know the businesses capable of attracting the attention of international investors and what they can contribute to this crypto industry. is a cryptocurrency-based platform, offering data on new projects related to the sector and includes market analysis and watch lists of selected businesses.

But to its previous functions they have recently added one that will surely revolutionize the future of the industry. This is a section called “Perspectives”, within which is information about the latest rounds of fundraising. This makes it easier for users to have a direct approach to “what’s coming”.

“Perspectives” is a section with real-time updates on financing rounds carried out by emerging firms in the world of cryptocurrencies. That is why it is considered an indispensable resource both for those who have been investing for years and for new enthusiasts in the field.

How to track cryptocurrency projects with funding?

The first thing you have to do, obviously, is to enter the website by clicking on that link. Immediately you open it you will see the basic data on cryptocurrency projects and the analysis of the information.

financing cryptocurrency projects

However, this is not what we are interested in this time, so you have to press the Funding Rounds button. When you do, you will go to a screen where you will see all the projects that are seeking funding.

financing cryptocurrency projects

There, system filters come into play, with data from the last month, the most important rounds and the most active categories. You can stay there or go down a little on the screen to the list of businesses that need capital.


For example, we click on the projects with a token to discard the projects without a token.


The last ones automatically disappear from the ranking, but the idea is to focus only on new projects. By establishing a launch date or business presentation we can further reduce the results.


We only have a handful of businesses left that, as you can see, are ordered from most recent to least recent.

financing cryptocurrency projects

In the meantime, hovering over Investors you can see who are the investors of the project.

financing cryptocurrency projects

If you click on any of their names, you will see the investors and the round they entered.

Advice for investors looking for funding rounds

For investors wanting to dive into the exciting world of crypto business funding rounds, here are some key tips to keep in mind so you don’t miss out on your first try.

  • Thoroughly research projects before investing. Understand your technology, team, and value proposition
  • As in any investment, diversify your portfolio to reduce the risk of each project
  • An experienced and solid team is essential for the success of a cryptocurrency project
  • Evaluate the community around the project. An active community can indicate more interest
  • Understand the risks inherent in cryptocurrency investments and volatility

A glimpse of the future of cryptocurrencies, just one click away

Undoubtedly,’s latest fundraising rounds are a definitive answer for all those who were wondering about reliable tools around new crypto businesses. The data that can be accessed is practically infinite, and by filtering it in a personalized way you will be able to know specific details that are important to establish an investment portfolio in various cryptos.

In our tests, we have found results that are generally positive and live up to expectations. Probably, like any similar instrument, there is some room for improvement that will occur shortly. In the meantime, it’s a good enough solution for you to add to your market analysis.

Have you been able to analyze cryptocurrency projects that have financing? Which ones catch your attention?

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