YouTube Create app

YouTube launches its Create app to simplify video creation and editing

  • YouTube Create helps content creators create and edit videos.
  • This app fixes copyright issues and improves accessibility by automatically generating subtitles and removing unwanted noise in audio.
  • YouTube Create will support the production of high-quality content and is initially available to Android users in eight global markets.

YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, launches the YouTube Create app for Android.

Developed in close collaboration with the creator community, this app not only simplifies video creation and editing, but also promises to address copyright and accessibility issues.

According to its official announcement, during the development process, the company consulted more than 3,000 creators to understand their needs and challenges. The result is a set of free, easy-to-use tools for those generating online content.

Creators can start by uploading their clips and then take advantage of a series of intuitive editing tools to seamlessly assemble their video.

This includes the ability to perform splits and trims while viewing progress, making it easy to create high-quality content without technical complications.

Additionally, the YouTube Create app includes thousands of stickers, GIFs, and effects directly available in the app.

Addressing copyright and accessibility issues

YouTube Create App Android
Source: YouTube

With YouTube Create, creators have access to a vast library of royalty-free tracks, so there’s no need to worry about copyright infringement. In addition, the application automatically synchronizes the rhythms of the songs with the video clips.

At the same time, it provides audio cleaning that removes unwanted background noises, as well as automatic generation of subtitles that can be added with a single touch.

Once the video is ready, creators can export it directly to their YouTube channel.


The good news is that YouTube Create is initially available for Android users and is launching in beta in the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Korea, and Singapore.

The company plans to continue improving the app and expand it to reach more creators around the world in the future.

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