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Uber Eats and Getir partner for grocery delivery in the UK and Europe

  • Uber Eats and Getir team up to help consumers purchase essential products in the UK and Europe.
  • Getir seeks to boost its growth by collaborating with Uber Eats, allowing users to access a wide range of products with ultra-fast deliveries.
  • The alliance promises to improve delivery times thanks to Getir couriers, while Uber Eats expands its offer in the European market.

The food delivery industry has faced a number of challenges since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for home deliveries skyrocketed to unprecedented levels during the most critical moments of the pandemic.

However, as restrictions were lifted and consumers regained confidence in in-person shopping, demand waned. This forced delivery platforms to reevaluate their strategies and adjust their expectations. That is why Uber Eats and Getir have announced a partnership that aims to get consumers to buy their grocery products in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Partnership between Getir and Uber Eats

Getir has decided to take advantage of Uber’s large user base to catapult its growth. This pan-European partnership will launch first in the UK, where Uber Eats users will be able to access over 2,000 products with guaranteed delivery in minutes.

What makes this partnership even more exciting is that Uber Eats customers will also be able to shop at Getir stores in the coming weeks, significantly expanding the options available to consumers.

While Uber Eats already offers food delivery options in the UK and has established successful partnerships with well-known supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose, its collaboration with Getir will not only expand the food offering in other European markets but also improve the delivery times thanks to Getir couriers who will make grocery deliveries.

Words from their leaders

Eve Henrikson, regional general manager of Uber Delivery EMEA, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating that “Getir’s wide selection of everyday essentials and ultra-fast food delivery model will further enhance our market and ensure more options and comfort for millions of customers in the main European markets.”

Turancan Salur, regional general manager of Getir, also highlighted the importance of this alliance, describing it as a “new way for customers to access our products and experience our exceptional fast trade service.”

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