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Coinbase and Haun Ventures partner with the Bounds Accelerator in Arkansas

  • Partnership to foster the adoption of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and AI, in the retail sector.
  • The Bounds Accelerator, a 16-week program, seeks to support technology startups in the United States.
  • Coinbase leads the crypto sector in the United States and recognizes Arkansas’ potential as an epicenter of innovation in the crypto economy.

Arkansas is experiencing a boom in the world of technology and cryptocurrencies. This renaissance is driven by Coinbase Ventures, the investment arm of the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase, in collaboration with Haun Ventures, and its support of the Bounds Accelerator, a technology startup acceleration program located in Arkansas.

The initiative aims to transform the retail sector by adopting emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual/augmented reality.

Arkansas and Bounds Accelerator

The state has witnessed steady growth supported by various initiatives. Now, blockchain technology is presented as an opportunity to further encourage entrepreneurship in the region.

Blockchain, in particular, has sparked a resurgence of creativity and innovation across a variety of sectors.

And, with the 16-week Bounds Accelerator program, accepting applications from startups with locations or representatives in the United States, you will be able to get in-person mentoring, a demo event in Bentonville, and weekly mentoring sessions and distance learning.

This public-private collaboration, with critical support from the University of Arkansas, aims to position the state for the next generation of the Internet.

Shan Aggarwal, Vice President and Head of Business and Corporate Development at Coinbase, said he is excited to support the Bounds Accelerator teams as they leverage blockchain technology to drive innovation in this crucial sector. He also expressed interest in considering possible investments by program graduates in the future.

Coinbase continues to bet heavily on the United States

Coinbase is no stranger to the importance of fostering the crypto ecosystem in the United States. The company has been working tirelessly to highlight the economic impact of cryptocurrencies in the states.

He hosted Stand With Crypto Day, an event where more than 40 founders from across the United States advocated for forward-thinking crypto regulation in Washington D.C. Additionally, the company has been an active supporter of the crypto ecosystem in Ohio and New York.

The company understands that supporting the crypto ecosystem as a whole is essential to its mission of promoting economic freedom through cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation.

That is why the partnership with Arkansas represents a significant step in providing technical and financial support to innovators outside of traditional technology centers like New York and California.

In fact, Arkansas is home to innovative entrepreneurs, large corporations with global reach, and policymakers showing growing interest in digital asset technology.

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