The RTX 3060 for a PC gaming setup

According to Steam the perfect PC gaming setup costs 1000€

Every month, Steam hardware statistics show the best alternatives to buy new PC gaming components. The users today want to buy comfortable gaming setups without investing huge sums of money. In this guide we select the best gaming setup in Steam for less than 1000€ and with monitor included.

Steam is the only platform that provides the user with hardware metrics. These metrics can be a bit distorted because they include hardware from users who haven’t access the platform for months or even years. The problem is the somehow distorted picture of reality. Although, it allows us to see the trends and user preferences related to gaming devices. Most users are looking to game without breaking the bank, opting for mid-range solutions. Furthermore, the Windows 10 operating system is still the most popular option.

The best motherboard option for a PC gaming setup

Perfect PC gaming setup in Steam

The PC gaming setup that Steam offers you as the best uses popular components on the web. All the main components are included, from the power supply and chassis to the monitor. The computer is powerful enough to run games like CS: GO 2 or Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

Most of the users are into 6-core processors according to Steam data. The best quality/price solution for this component is the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. It costs 159€. The main features of this component are:

  • 6-core technology.
  • 12-thread processor.
  • Base frequency: 3.7 GHz.
  • Boost frequency: 4.6 GHz.
  • Zen 3 architecture.
  • AM4 socket compatible.
  • Cooler included.

Motherboard Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE V2:

The processor has low power consumption so it doesn’t need an expensive motherboard. The Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite V2 can be yours for 120€. The most important reason to choose this model is the heat sink it includes for a M.2 SSD. The motherboard includes several connectivity options, from five USB 3.2 ports to a 2.5G Ethernet one. It also includes DisplayPort and HDMI connectors.

RAM Memory: Kingston FURE Beast DDR4 16GB 2x8GB

Nowadays, 16 GB of RAM is the minimum you should include in a PC gaming setup. The model Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 16 GB kit costs 40€. The Kingston kit comes with a high-quality aluminum heat spreader that helps your computer to dissipate heat. It doesn’t include RGB lighting, as it would only increase the final price.

Graphics card: ASUS Dual RTX 3060 OC Edition

According to Steam, the most popular graphics card is the RTX 3060 model. The ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3060 Edition is one of the best options in quality/price relation. It costs 305€ and it includes the following features:

  • 3584 CUDA Cores, 112 Tensor Cores.
  • 28 RT Cores.
  • Maximum clock speed: 1867 MHz.
  • DLSS and Ray Tracing technologies.
  • Dual-fan cooler.

Storage options: WD Black SN770 1 TB

The storage technology is very advanced. You can find high-capacity, high-performance drives at ridiculous prices. For example, the WD Black SN770 1 TB costs only 52€. It can offer you read speeds of up to 5,159 MB/s and write speeds of 4,900 MB/s. You will also get an excellent performance in software and game loading activities. It doesn’t include a heat sink, but the motherboard does so you shouldn’t experience any performance issue.

Corsair CV650 650W 80 Plus Bronze

The power supply is a fundamental component for your computer. The Corsair CV650 model is very reliable and it costs 69€. In terms of quality and price is the best power supply according to Steam. There are other solutions but they come from unreliable brands and the certifications are at least questionable. Corsair is a highly popular brand and it has several models among the most popular on the market.

Nfortec Caelum Black

If you want to save up some money you can skip the new case. But if you’re going to buy a full PC gaming setup, a great option is the Nfortec Caelum Black. It costs 60€ and it’s among the best options on the market. It offers an elegant design and good airflow. The tempered glass side panel lets you view the hardware from the outside. There are two front 120 mm fans with RGB lighting and another one with the same characteristics at the rear. The cover hides the power supply, which is great because chosen power supply isn’t modular and you can conceal the excess cables.

Monitor: LG 27GQ50F-B:

In Steam you can see that the most common resolution among gamers is 1080p. A great option for a monitor is the LG 27Gq50F-B for 169€. It’s a great monitor for the graphics card we selected. It’s a 27-inch VA panel monitor with 1080p resolution and 165 Hz refresh rate. It also includes AMD Freesync Premium technology to eliminate annoying effects like flickering or tearing during a gameplay. You can connect it through HDMI ports (2) and a DisplayPort.

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