Loddlenaut: The indie game that will conquer Thanksgiving Day for its unique approach and environmental message

In a year full of new video games, some gems are likely to go unnoticed in the crowd. Such is the case with Loddlenaut, a game that, despite its recent and modest release on November 16, has secured a prominent place among the most notable indie games of the year.

Environmental message in Loddlenaut

In Loddlenaut, players don’t take on the role of space heroes taking on aliens, but instead take on the role of interstellar janitors on the picturesque ocean planet GUP-14.


The main task is to clean up the trash and dirt left behind by the careless GUPPI corporation.

Although the premise may seem simple, the game manages to create a surprisingly rewarding experience around cleanliness and environmental awareness.

The retro 3D art style blends seamlessly with the narrative, highlighting the hidden beauty that is revealed by removing pollution.

That is why this is not just a relaxing and fun game; Liddlenaut uniquely addresses environmental responsibility.

The plot unfolds as the player helps the natural flora and fauna recover, offering a meditative and positive experience.

In a world where careless corporations cause disasters, Loddlenaut highlights the influence that individuals can have by treating the planet with the care that megacorporations neglect.

Other game features

The game features gameplay loops that explore various areas of GUP-14, each with their own challenges and rewards. Additionally, it incorporates a breeding system for Loodle, a species present in the game, which adds an additional layer of diversity and strategic option for players.

Lasting approximately four hours, the absence of an actual glitch state, coupled with the lack of enemies, creates a stress-free environment that allows players to immerse themselves in meditation while clearing and exploring.

But then what makes Loddlenaut the perfect choice for Thanksgiving?

Apart from being a visually charming experience, the game has been optimized for portability, making it an ideal option for devices such as the Steam Deck or for PC.

Although not yet officially verified for this device, testing on Valve’s handheld indicates a smooth gaming experience perfectly suited for short, relaxed sessions, ideal for enjoying on vacation or after Thanksgiving dinner.

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