How to use voice controlled devices for your home

Advantages of voice controlled devices at home

Home automation allows for many uses nowadays. You can have lots of smart devices at home, from light bulbs to electric plugs or home appliances. However, not all of them are the same. Even within the same type, there are different features in each device. In this article we explore some of the great advantages of voice controlled devices, the heart of basic home automation.

You can have all kinds of voice controlled devices at home. For example, you can turn the lights on give your multimedia player orders through virtual assistants like Google Home or Alexa. The alternatives are very interesting and you can take advantage of several features.

Voice controlled devices on smart houses

The benefits of voice controlled devices on home automation

You may doubt about buying voice controlled devices or smart home appliances with no voice recognition. It’s normal to ask yourself about the worthiness of paying more for a device with just one little feature different. However, the truth is that voice control can be very useful if you learn how to make use of it.

Save time

The first benefit from voice control is saving time. You can activate a home appliance from the distance. You won’t need to walk to the physical button and return to your original place to activate a multimedia player, for example. Using your voice is pretty useful in some occasions.

In terms of security, you should never use voice commands to open a smart lock. But it can be useful to lock your door. The main brands of smart locks include the option to lock the door through orders to Alexa or Google Assistant. The voice password is also useless because any person could hear you and start using it.


If you use voice controlled devices in your house you will be more comfortable. The most common example is when you need to turn on the lights of your room and your hands are occupied. You can order a smart bulb to lit up your room with just a few words. The main benefits include web browsing with no need of typing, starting home appliances through voice orders and much more.

Another option is to install a movement detector to turn on your lights whenever it detects some kind of movement. After a little time, the light will turn off automatically. The presence detector is useful too. You can have the light turned on every moment a person is in the room and then forgetting about turning it off. If you don’t have any of these smart devices, you can use voice commands.

Save electricity with voice controlled devices

The benefits these devices also include saving electricity. Home automation saves resources and voice control too. The smart devices are easier to turn off if you forgot to press the button. Just give the order and you will start saving your energy. All little gestures add to your energy savings. The smart features are not exclusive to indoor appliances. You can also save energy outside. If you use a system like Home Assistant it can check different actions for you.

One of the best alternatives is the MariaDB database to set different configurations and home automation processes. You can set it to send you Telegram messages if you let your lights on. It’s also secure and very private. Voice command is an excellent option to have your house controlled from the distance with just a few steps. You need to have a good WiFi connection in order to create a fluent network with your smart devices.

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