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Sleepless AI: Games with a touch of AI and Blockchain

If you were wondering what was the reason that made the price of BNB rise during the day yesterday, I will tell you that it was the announcement of Sleepless AI by Binance.

What is Sleepless AI?

Sleepless AI is a game studio that mixes artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

Sleepless AI: HIM & HER

Right now, there are only two games, HIM and SHE. In addition to being games, they are also virtual companions that promise an immersive and emotional experience, where each interaction feels real and personalized. This could be compared to having a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend who, in addition to understanding you, also adapts to your emotional needs.

Through a website or app, you can interact with your virtual companion, such as chatting, changing clothes, even feeding them. They become an essential part of your life.

Financial and tokenization aspects

With $3.7 million raised in private token sales, Sleepless AI shows strong financial backing and a $200 million valuation.

It comes with the $AI utility token, with which you get discounts, in-game purchases, participate in game governance, accumulate fees, and more.

The $AI token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and an initial circulation of 130,000,000 on Binance.

Final words

Regarding the BNB token, its price rose from around $265 to $300, with an increase of 10% in 24 hours. During today’s session, BNB is having a rise of 3%, trading at $308, according to Coinmarketcap.

In a world where loneliness sometimes weighs heavily, Sleepless AI can offer a warm refuge. Their mission is to provide love, companionship and joy through a personalized and emotionally rich experience with virtual companions. Do you think the same? Leave us your thoughts in the comments ^^

Featured image credits: Juan José Leiva – generated with AI

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