Create the Santa Claus memoji on iPhone

Holidays are a great time to share memojis of Santa Claus and relative items to your friends. In this guide you will learn how to easily create a Santa Claus memoji and send it easily on your iPhone. You can use the Santa hats and other Christmas items to make your messages more personal.

The instructions to create the Santa Claus memoji on iPhone are very easy to follow. You just need to open the Message app and chat with a friend following certain combinations. The steps are simple and fast, and your messages will have a nice style.

Create the Santa Claus memoji on iPhone

Steps to create the Santa Claus memoji

Open the message app and click on the plus icon. Then you must click on the More button and expand the options. There’s a memoji item in the displayed list.

There you will find all the available memojis that you can use for your chat. Click on the 3-dot icon in memoji and select the Edit button. Here you can edit or Duplicate a memoji without losing the previous one.

On the memoji editing interface you have to select a Headwear element and choose red. Scroll down the list to find the Santa hat and press Done to save your customization. When you return to the message interface you can see the Santa Claus memoji on your iPhone chat. You only need to choose it and start decorating your messages with this colourful Christmas hat.

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