How to know the iPhone radioactive levels

Check if your iPhone is radioactive in just a few seconds

It’s still unknown if using a Smartphone increases dangerously the radiation exposure. However, lots of people are worried about it. They tend to put the iPhone away when sleeping and other security measures. If you want to check if your iPhone is radioactive you can use a website that registers different values according to different Apple products.

When you enter the regulatory information section of Apple, you can learn about each of the devices’ specs. It’s a simple and direct website that Apple provides for you to learn about the radiation levels as well as other features of each Apple device on the market.

Is the iPhone really radioactive?

How to know if your iPhone is radioactive easily

The SAR levels indicate the radiofrequency absorption rate of the body and the correlation with iPhone devices from 2017 onwards. The Apple website gathers the data in a fast and simple interface to check if the product is radioactive or not. The records indicate how each Apple device affects head and body, and the legal issues that are taken into account to put the device into the market.

  1. In order to use the radiofrequency measure tool you need to follow these indications:
  2. Enter the website.
  3. Choose the iPhone category.
  4. Select the model.

When you select the device you can see the SAR level information as well as other features and download the report to your mobile phone. The website shows you the results in just a few seconds. It’s a very complete webpage and sometimes the data they show is different to what media informs. The website is official and it’s the main source of information for this kind of data.

Radiation experts indicate that even though radiation levels on Smartphones is real when you use mobile data or call from the phone, it’s also present on television devices or radios. The Smartphone you carry yourself in your pocket is not a radioactive menace.

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