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Maximize your conversations on Instagram with Notes

Have you heard about Instagram Notes? If you haven’t already, get ready to add a creative touch to your conversations on Instagram with the new Notes feature.

What the Instagram Notes feature actually does is allow you to post short text updates of up to 60 characters but with a duration of 24 hours to be seen by your followers or close friends.

These notes are located at the top of your chat tray, so they will have more impact, it will be strange not to be seen. But, if you still don’t know how to take advantage of it, although there are many possibilities, one of them could be to instantly share a reflection, thought or idea, or also to start interesting conversations by asking questions to your followers. Plus, if you have a brand, you can use the notes to promote your products, services, or special announcements.

But, here comes the juicy part of the matter. Instagram is testing a feature to use notes as group conversation starters. So, imagine being able to throw out a question or topic in a post and watch your followers join in a group chat to discuss it. It’s a great way to encourage dialogue and build community.

Things to keep in mind about Instagram Notes

  • Raise interesting topics, it will increase the interaction of your followers.
  • Ask your followers and get valuable answers.
  • Create or join groups based on common interests to strengthen ties with your community.
  • Limit of only 60 characters. If you overshoot, it will be cut off.
  • Notes are in the inbox, below the search bar.
  • These notes disappear after 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency.
  • Choose to share your notes with all your followers or just a select group of close friends.
  • Super easy and fast.
  • Your followers can respond to your notes through direct messages.

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