Protect your PC for free with an antivirus

Protect your PC for free easily

Using your computer to navigate the Internet is exposing your device to external sources. In order to protect your PC for free you have several options than go from free antivirus platforms to certain tips and tricks for safe navigation.

In this article we recommend you some measures you can implement to protect your PC for free and very easily. Surfing the Internet you will find all kinds of free antivirus software but there are also secure practices you can follow to avoid infection in your operating system.

How to protect your PC from external attacks

Protect your PC without spending money

You want to protect your PC and avoid malware and viruses. This type of software can be installed by mistake. The hackers are experts in hiding malware in other software or platforms, so the user needs to be extra aware. The first advice you need to follow is always download files from the official website. Any program you download directly from the official website indicate that there has been a filter applied. Sometimes it’s not enough. But it’s a good starting point.

Look out for strange icons to protect your PC for free

Look carefully your Home menu and the desktop of your computer. If you find any strange icon, there’s a possibility that your computer has been infected. Also look for your web browser behavior. There are multiple malwares that change your launch webpage and start sending your Internet records to hackers. Uninstall immediately any strange software you find and run the antivirus to search for malicious files. The faster you do it, the better.

Use free antivirus solutions

Windows offers you Microsoft Defender but there are also other free antivirus solutions you should check. The antivirus is a good tool to make regular analysis in search for dangerous or infected files. When the antivirus finds a malicious or fake file, it can quarantine it for you to eliminate it manually or directly erase it from your device.

Activate operating system protection measures

The Windows operating system includes some features for extra protection. You can activate ransomware protection measures among others. You can enable them from the Control Panel and avoid privacy and security leaks.

Update the operating system for free PC protection

The most important free security measure for an operating system is the update process. The patches and full updates avoid most of the security and privacy problems by fixing vulnerabilities. You should also update the programs you use. If you have an outdated program installed, the hackers may use a vulnerability they know in order to get into your computer.

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