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Tricks to solve almost any performance problem in your Android phone

The Android phone is very popular around the world. There are several models and numerous settings depending on the brand of your choice. You can buy an Android phone for daily use or a high-end phone to take photos or make videos with professional quality. However, if there is a performance problem in your Android phone you always have the tricks we list in this article.

These are easy performance solutions that will make the most out of your phone. Google operating system is very flexible but there are issues regarding performance and component settings that you can’t avoid. Using these tricks you can try and solve them to obtain the maximum output possible.

Apps with performance problem in Android phone

Android performance problem and how to deal with it

Even though it’s the most popular phone operating system, Android has some issues in certain devices or running some apps. In case you are experiencing a performance problema you only need to follow some of these tricks on your Android phone. Most of the time they can solve any failure.

Force app stop

If an app is not working properly, try forcing the shut down. You can do this by opening the Settings – Apps and selecting the app. There’s a button that indicates Force stop and you can close manually any app your phone is running.

Reboot your device

In case you need to reboot your phone for performance issues hold the Start button until the menu appears. Select the Reboot or Restart option and wait for the phone to restart.

Free storage space

When your phone lacks storage space, the apps starts crashing. Make sure your SD card or internal memory has a good amount of free GB for the apps to run freely. Try to send all the data you can to your SD card in order to save the internal memory.

Erase app cache memory

In case an app causes performance problem in your Android phone, you can erase the cache memory file. These is a temporary data file that grows up with time. Check on the cache of all your apps regularly to avoid performance issues. You can do it from Settings – Apps – the app you want to fix – Storage – Erase cache memory.

Update apps and operating system

It sounds silly but you always have to update your apps and operating system if you detect a performance issue. Sometimes the new package or your app is creating problems but you don’t realize because the automatic update hasn’t been done.

Check app permissions to prevent performance problem in Android

Another performance problem with Android phone apps can originate in permission issues. If you haven’t given permission for certain actions to your app or you accidentally revoked them, the program may start malfunctioning. The permissions can be reactivated from the App information menu in the App box.

Restore network settings

Internet can also be the cause of performance issue for certain apps. Check out that your device is working properly by opening Settings – Addition settings – Restore network settings. If the connection is not working properly the app may not be connecting to the server and be causing performance issues.

Restore factory settings to avoid performance problem in Android

The last solution for almost any Android issue is to restore the phone settings to factory release. If you do this you will lose your files so it’s important to make a backup file before starting. The process is very easy to follow:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to System – Restore – Restore factory data.
  3. Follow the steps the assistant gives you and wait for the process to end.

If you try using these tricks it’s probable that your phone will restart and work fine. You always have to try the tricks in order to avoid the default restore.

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